Forest Flooring – Priding ourselves at being at the frontline of innovation & excellence when it comes to the timber industry. With over 25 years’ experience & constant market development, we are confident that your timber requirements will be met, and even exceeded. We have our very own joinery factory (Forest Collection), which means we manufacture our own skirting, mouldings, and even Custom Made furniture. We do not employ Sub-Contractors, and provide a full turnkey solution. Backing our products & workmanship 100%.


Our floors are installed using a floating system and is not glued down. This allows for:
* Contraction and expansion of the wood to take place with the change of season without cracking.
* Quick repairs without damage to screed
* Our floors to be used in conjunction with under floor heating
Because we machine our own mouldings, they are manufactured according to the specific layout and design of each individual floor.
We have our own installation teams consisting of trained carpenters. We have a very low staff turnover, ensuring that our installers not only have the knowledge, but also the experience to ensure that you receive the best quality installation.
Sites are checked by a manager prior to installation commencing, ensuring that all requirements are met for a smooth installation run.
Our boards are finished with a tongue and groove system. This allows for:
• Quick installation
• Expansion and contraction without damage to the boards
Our flooring is extremely durable in in high traffic areas and has been installed in hotels such as The Michael Angelo Hotel in Sandton as well as in several Mercedes Benz dealerships to mention a few.
Our Oak Engineered Flooring comprises of a solid timber veneer in conjunction with a hardwood base. This offers more stability than a softwood base, such as Poplar, as it is far less porous and offers more noise reduction than soft wood core engineered floors.
Because of this our floors are structurally sound and enables us to install the floor floating and we don’t have to glue it down.
We do not pre-finish our floors and the sealant is only applied on site. This enables you to add on and extend the installation without there being colour variants.
You are able to see the installed product prior to committing to a colour.
Rubio Monocoat:
The advantages of using the Rubio Monocoat are:
• There are 48 colours to choose from
• VOC Free
• You only require 1 coat
• No colour overlapping, which allows for repairs to be carried out without colour variation occurring.
We use a superior sub-structure of CCA treated pine, which prevents rotting.
Our substructure is painted with a waterproofing sealant.
We install Thermo Treated Ash Decking which is very low maintenance.
We use an imported bracket system where there is waterproofing, which allows us to install without having to drill holes.
We use a patented clip system, which is used throughout the country by other decking installers, confirming that we are the market leaders in the industry.
We offer a 5 year workmanship warrantee and issue you with a warrantee certificate leaving you with the peace of mind that your investment will be protected.