Siya Beyile

As four celebrities spill the beans on when they last had to change their own tyres, endure awkward encounters or make sandwiches, it seems the human condition is common to all.

Joey Rasdien

With his unruly Afro and funny-guy one-liners, it’s hard to miss comedian Joey Rasdien. With an impressive set of local movie roles under his belt, Joey also wrote, co-produced and acted in Rasdien, his own sitcom.

In a world of Photoshopped perfection, celebrities seem to be far above the bungling, frustrating world the rest of us inhabit.

When did you last have to explain your way out of a situation?

This morning. My three-year-old daughter wanted to know why YouTube isn’t working. Ilive, my service provider, is atrocious. Let’s just say I am no longer a customer. 

When did you last change a car tyre?

The other day, I took my car to get new tyres as I had done 20 000 km. So, about a month ago I changed all four tyres.

When did you last do a random act of kindness?

Does giving leftover food to the guy at the robot on my way to drop my son at school count? If it does, then this morning when I dropped my son at school.

When did you last send the wrong message to the wrong person?

I got stopped by a cop recently, and I guess either the message was wrong or the person was wrong, or both the message and the person were wrong when I told him it’s only a BB gun and it’s not real.

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Siya Beyile

He’s the king of style, the guru of fashion and the founder and creative director of menswear fashion portal The Threaded Man. Siya Beyile, at 21 years old, has cracked the nod as one of Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30 to Watch for 2015.

When did you last let your heart decide?

I recently found the woman of my dreams and I kinda went with my heart. It’s been an interesting adventure so far.

When did you last feel embarrassed?

At Fashion Week last year, the crotch on my pants split so I had to walk around covering it, and while I was sitting, the photographer caught me.

When did you last conquer a fear?

Very recently, I was enslaved by the thought of things going wrong, so every day I woke up with extreme anxiety. I started seeing a lifestyle coach and now I have overcome it and I feel free!

When did you last do something you regretted?

Last night, I ate a tub of ice cream and a whole pizza alone… forgive me.

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David Kau

Funny man David Kau broke onto the South African comedy scene in 1998 at that year’s Smirnoff Comedy Festival in Cape Town, and went on to create his own shows. He is a firm favourite both locally and internationally and conceptualised the Blacks Only comedy show. He directed and produced Taxi Ride in 2012.

When did you last make your kids/your own lunch?

I give my kids bread every now and then – they seem fine. I make myself a peanut butter and jam sandwich occasionally. That’s it.

When did you last make a bad decision?

In the film business, I’m making a bad decision every day by staying in it.

When did you last feel embarrassed?

I’m the one people worry about embarrassing them.

When did you last do something you regretted?

There’s not a lot I regret in my life. Most are business-related, so I don’t regret them – but I will do them differently next time.

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Loyiso Bala

This local musician has seen his career soar as a solo artist since he left multi-platinum kwaito group TKZee in 1999. Loyiso has bagged five SAMAs, three Metro FM awards and best R&B album of 2007, and has even received an MTV nomination. With several albums behind his name as well as successful singles, Loyiso is hot property.

When did you last do a random act of kindness?

About two weeks ago, I surprised a fan on her birthday with a call and sang her favourite song over the phone.

When did you last have an awkward encounter?

About two weeks ago, I thought I’d seen someone who I hadn’t seen in a long time, at a nearby restaurant. I went over and gave them a huge hug. Halfway through the conversation, I started to notice that it wasn’t the person who I initially thought it was. Out of embarrassment, we both pretended like we knew each other.

When did you last make your bed?

I’m embarrassed to say that I can’t remember. Probably on my wife’s birthday a few months ago.

When did you last get lost?

I was travelling with Swing City from Cape Town to Hermanus about four months ago. What was supposed to be an hour-and-a-half trip took us three hours. The blame goes to Graeme Watkins, who was the driver that day. Sorry, Graeme.

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