Water Extreme (WTRX)

There is no disagreement about the benefit your body derives from water-based activities. Add weights to the mix and you have Water Extreme (WTRX)! These sessions will have you exercising in and out of the water in rotation. The “land” drills include standard exercises but the water-based workouts include more resistance-based training. Some of the gear used includes a ViPR bar you plunge into the water, creating vicious resistance, and then lifting it high like a weight bar. The push plate works like a kettlebell that you can push, pull and swing side to side or up and down against the resistance of the water. It’s one hell of a workout!

Yoga Sculpt

With every new year and new levels of #woke come new trends. Crossfit is now, thankfully, a thing of the past, so we look at what we hope are the next top fitness trends to look out for.

Everybody loves yoga, chai lattes and yoga pants! But while yoga is amazing for meditation, stretching and aligning chakras, for some it lacks the muscle and cardio workout they get from a HIIT session or functional training routine. Enter Yoga Sculpt – the love child of yoga, cardio and lightweight strength training – a spiritual calorie-burning exercise. In Yoga Sculpt the music is jamming and the energy high yet you still walk out feeling like you have been on a (running) Zen journey.


Using the ballet bar (barre) as a prop, Barre is a fitness trend that incorporates ballet moves, yoga, Pilates and light weights while using the barre to steady your body as you focus on strength training. Sessions are short, so you can easily fit one in if you are pressed for time. Because of the way the workouts are designed, your core is engaged the entire time, which means better abs! Barre is brilliant for toning, weight loss and it's safe for pregnant women too.

Pound It Out

This exercise takes the saying “dance to the beat of your own drum” literally. Pound sessions give you a full-body workout using lightweight drumsticks called Ripsticks® to make the music you train to. The class is a combination of cardio, conditioning and strength training with yoga and Pilates-inspired movements. You're making drumming movements the whole time to incorporate your entire body in the workout, which makes for a fun calorie-burning jam session.

Spartan Strong

The popularity of the Jeep Warrior Race in South Africa is a sure sign that people love a challenge, are into health and team sport and love being in the outdoors getting down and dirty while navigating obstacle courses. Spartan Strong has taken this concept and brought it into a gym or studio setting. In the fitness class, you move from one obstacle to another in a series of workouts that require mental and physical agility. Not only does Spartan Strong test your limits, it also teaches you to pace yourself, as the next challenge is usually even more challenging than the last.