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1. [Kenya] Kytabu

The aim of the Kytabu project is to help children access all the textbooks in Kenya. This service leases digital textbooks at discount rates. All the textbooks are pre-installed on a low-cost tablet, so that the books can be leased directly from the tablet without a mobile network gateway. They can be accessed on an hourly, weekly, monthly, school term or annual plan so you can get the textbook when you need it, for as long as you need it. 

2. [Kenya] Waabeh

Africa has slowly but surely caught up to the world of technology and is now proudly offering consumers more and more online services to make life easier and better.

Waabeh is an African Audio market place. Kenya's version of iTunes was created to help combat music piracy and empower artists with easy upload and distribution tools, offering higher royalties to musicians. This application allows users to stream the music, embed codes into their websites, and share with friends. To date, Waabeh has exceeded 10,000 downloads and serves up over 330,000 streams of its content. The application is currently available on the web and as an Android application. 

3. [Nigeria] Save & Buy

Save & Buy is a web and mobile platform offering a savings product, which enables buyers to pre-plan online purchases and save money towards these items, securely through e-commerce channels. Users are able pay for their goods in instalments with clear payment schedules. The platform integrates a loyalty program so that savers can earn points and benefit from product discounts and loans. The company works with established e-commerce stores, offering customers these payment and savings options. 

4. [Ghana] Dropifi

Dropifi offers an intelligent contact form helping small and medium businesses analyse, visualise and respond to incoming messages. The Dropifi contact widget allows companies to see incoming message trending data in relation to industry metrics, as well as demographic and social media profiles of the senders. Dropifi is customisable to your brand and is easy to use and install. It includes a number of features such as; anti-spam filters, sentiment analysis, analytics, rerouting to the correct person and sends automatic responses.

5. [Kenya] Able Wireless

Able Wireless is an on-demand streaming service and wireless service provider in Kenya. It has been referred to as the "Netflix for Africa”, streaming documentaries, movies, music, YouTube videos, and other content; as well as providing unlimited access to broadband Internet. This service aims to create a legitimate distribution system and help eliminate piracy and torrent downloads. This high quality, affordable service will cost as little as US$ 6 per month with the devices also costing US$ 6 per month.

6. [Kenya] SleepOut

SleepOut is an online accommodation marketplace, listing a variety of unique accommodation options in Kenya. The online portal includes reviews, bookings, and contact information for all the hotels. This allows tourists to book hotels, and also base their decisions on reviews from previous guests who have visited the establishments. SleepOut CEO Johann Jenson says that the aim of SleepOut is to “match guests looking for a place to sleep with hosts and their empty beds.”

7. [South Africa] Mellowcabs

Mellowcabs is a transport and advertising company that manufactures, implements and operates electronically powered pedicabs nationwide. Their main source of income is from selling advertising space in and on their vehicles, and each mellowcab has an on-board tablet computer that runs geolocation software - as the vehicles approach a certain store or restaurant, the software will trigger specific adverts. Mellowcabs complement existing transport systems by operating in a limited urban radius of 3-4 km, offering free first and last mile transport services.

8. [Kenya] Angani

Angani is a public cloud computing provider in Kenya, that offers pay-as-you-go services to East Africa. The company buys infrastructure in bulk, virtualises it and leases it at a reduced rate, taking away the expense of maintaining your companies own IT infrastructure. With the help of Angani, companies don't have to worry about buying hardware, software, servers, cooling systems, upgrading and maintenance. The company provides a number of pricing plans with hourly rates, so you only pay for what you use. 

9. [Nigeria] Jumia

Jumia is an e-commerce startup in Lagos, Nigeria inspired by Amazon. Since it’s inception in June 2012, the site has become the number one online retail shopping business in Nigeria, with over 500 members on its payroll. The online store offers everything from fashion, consumer electronics, home appliances to beauty products. They deliver to Morocco, Kenya, Cote d'Ivoire and Uganda. Jumia was named e-commerce website of the year in Nigeria at the Beacon of ICT awards 2014.

10. [South Africa] Obami

Obami is a social learning platform that lets communities connect, create, share and learn, bringing people in the education system together. Students can create a profile and connect with teachers, parents and each other, encouraging social engagement between educators and learners. Obami has launched a mobile app, Obami Tutor, linking learners with tutors via their smartphones. Teachers that connect with the students guide them through worksheets and assignments, using a curriculum aligned with the school system.

11. [South Africa] 22Seven

22Seven is a personal money management system that tracks your transactions and income, helping you visualise your spend. The app links all your accounts such as, cheque and savings accounts, credit and store cards, investments and loans into one place, which is updated whenever you log in. All your transactions are automatically categorised so that you can track exactly what you are spending your cash on. If you’re not convinced, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial and experience the app for yourself.

12. [Nigeria] Tranzit

Tranzit is a free web and mobile taxi booking service in Nigeria that gets you from one place to another, while also offering parcel deliveries and a discovery network. This network allows you to search for places to go to in your neighbourhood and find things to do around you. The pricing for their service is based on an algorithm that helps users get the best rates based on distance, time of day and traffic conditions.

13. [Uganda] ClinicMaster

ClinicMaster aims to transform the healthcare system in Uganda. It’s a startup company that is working at getting medical information online and getting doctors connected. The company has been described as “an integrated new generation healthcare information management and medical billing software”. The system allows healthcare providers, such as hospitals and clinics, to keep track of their patients, monitor medical stock, and automate transactions. ClinicMaster lets doctors store patient’s information in one electronic file so it is easily accessible. 

14. [Nigeria] Naija Workman

Naija Workman aims to create an online marketplace matching local service providers with customers who need their services. The service is safe and secure to use as all service providers are verified, so you know who is professionally licensed, qualified and has been background checked. Requesting a service comes at no cost and you are presented with three different quotes so you can review the quotes and pick the best. The platform supports the entire process so you can search, contact, schedule and pay in one place. 

15. [South Africa] Project Isizwe

Project Isizwe is a non-profit organisation that provides free Wi-Fi hotspots to low-income communities, with its core focus on education and economic growth throughout Africa. The organisation believes that an internet connection is essential and should be readily available to everyone, regardless of their circumstances. The Wi-Fi is available in public spaces, known as a Free Internet Zone (FIZ), where users can access free internet without any password or login details.