The Force was Awakened in December

One-trillion phrases and keywords are searched on a monthly basis by the global population, and chances are that you are googling the same thing too. Curiosity compels us to want to know what is being searched, which is why we have compiled the search terms that made waves through the Google-verse in 2015. We did a little digging and found that 2015 was a year of healthy debates, unhealthy scandals and human tragedy. 

Let’s look back at the year that was in Google Search terms:

January and the Oscars

Each month, an estimated 100-billion Google searches are done the world over. 

The biggest event in Hollywood creates a buzz each year with millions of Google searches. People want to know who won, who was nominated, and naturally who wore what the best. Best Picture went to Birdman in 2015, with Eddie Redmayne taking home the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in the acclaimed The Theory of Everything. The flawless Julianne Moore won Best Actress for her portrayal as the recently diagnosed Alzheimer's patient in Still Alice.

February got Fashionable

Do you remember “The Dress”?  You know, the white and gold/ black and blue or blue and brown dress that divided households in February?  It all started when Scottish couple Grace and Keir Johnston asked for a picture of the dress that their mother would be wearing to their wedding and neither could decide on what colour the dress was.  This then sparked a global debate with half the world seeing gold and white and the other half black and blue.  So, what colour did you see when you looked at the dress?

March loves Cricket 

The tournament that had it all!  Big personalities, heart stopping action and of course, some cricket too.  The Cricket World Cup make cricket the most searches sports in the world for 2015, with the top search being “who will win the Cricket World Cup?”  In case you missed it, Australia won this year.

Natural Disasters in April

On April 25, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal. Thousands of homes were destroyed and thousands of lives lost when the earthquake triggered a landslide on Mount Everest.  When news broke of the tragedy, the top question asked on the day was “How can I help Nepal?”. 

May and FIFA Scandals 

Things took a turn for the scandalous in May when officials at football’s world governing body were dragged over the coals for corruption allegations, thrusting the renowned institution into the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

The Horror of the Migrant Crisis

The story initially broke in April when five boats transporting close to two thousand migrants sank in the Mediterranean Sea. Images of lifeless bodies on beaches flooded the media and with a combined death toll of 1 200 people, it’s not hard to see why.  It wasn’t until the body of three-year-old Syrian refugee Aylan Kurdi washed up on a beach in Turkey that the world became consumed with the Migrant Crisis.

China in June is Bad for Business

With the unstable economy of Greece causing a ripple effect for many countries in June, the hardest hit was China. The Shanghai Stock Market crashed spectacularly with a staggering 30% in 2015 and the question on every Googler’s fingertips was “Is it safe to invest in China?”

The Death of an Icon in July

On July 1 a Zimbabwean icon was shot and killed by an American dentist. Cecil the lion was both an attraction in the area, and his movements were being studied by the University of Oxford to better understand the movements of a male Lion.  If that wasn’t enough, Cecil was an iconic living legend in his own right. The internet was divided by pro-hunters and the outraged public who all turned to Google to ask questions about lion hunting and the death of Cecil the Lion.

The Queen in September

September was a month for celebration and one for scrutiny. On September 9, Elizabeth Windsor became the longest-reigning British monarch and the longest-serving Queen in history.  It must be something in the water, because her Royal Highness beat out her great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, by one day for the prestige.

October and Emissions Scandals 

While the British rejoiced for their Queen, Volkswagen was finding excuses for the deliberately programming their diesel engines to only activate emission controls during lab testing. The problem came when they were caught out by the United States Environmental Protection Agency who accused them of the alleged eco fixing debacle.

If we’re talking Water on Mars, it must be October? 

With the heat wave that we had in South Africa leading to water shortages this year, it makes sense that we were intrigued when Nasa discovered water flowing on Mars.  This massive breakthrough not only sparked a renewed interest in life beyond Earth, but also a mass Google search on how long it would take to travel to Mars.

In November, the City of Lights Switched Off

November 13 will always be remembered as the day that the City of Love’s heart was broken.  A theatre, stadium, restaurant and café in Paris were attacked by terrorists, leaving hundreds dead and thousands desperate to find out if loved ones were safe and what happened. These attacks were the deadliest on French soil since World War Two, which is why the City of Lights went dark, while the world mourned for them.

The Force was Awakened in December

Possibly the most anticipated movie of the year, and the most talked about as well, has to be Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  The excitement and suspense leading up to the film was electrifying, with the first official trailer being one of the most-viewed trailers of all time.  The official release date was December 18 and box-office records have already been Death Star destroyed by the iconic franchise.