Living in a rental often means maximizing your storage space and, believe it or not, this can be done with style. An imaginative way of doing this is to take old kitchen cabinets doors off and line the inside storage area with a fun fabric. Then use the storage to show off your bold dishes, mugs, plates and vases.

Baskets are also a terrific way to organize and store items. From small shelf items like candles and incense, to books under a table, shoes in the entrance, extra towels and toiletries in the bathroom - just about anything can be stored in a beautiful basket. Plus, they’re not only functional in containing clutter, they add warmth and texture to a space too.

The perfect multifunctional piece in a small living space is a storage ottoman. It can be used instead of a coffee table, as a bench in the bedroom, or even for extra seating in the dining room.