Like a lightweight boxer fighting in a heavyweight bout, the VW CC packs more punch than you would ever expect for a car in that price range. Now the CC isn’t a cheap car, but considering the return on spend, the CC is a real knockout. If we were to list the features available in this sedan we would need to start them on the pages of Afropolitan and finish them with a couple of pages online. When the CC first arrived at our offices the other day, a couple of us were arguing about whether the CC was worth the R421 560 price tag. Some believed that this VW more than justified the spend, and others, like myself believed otherwise. After putting it through its paces the general consensus was the same, the CC is not only good value and good looking, but also a great all round package.

Some of the coolest features we loved included the hands free, remote free boot opening and the electronically released tow bar. The nifty hands free boot innovation is something we never knew we needed until we had it for the first time in the CC. What this allows you to do is open the boot of your car by merely swiping your foot underneath it and watching it pop open. Thinking this is an impractical gimmick on a car would be the same mistake we made when we first tried it out, but try having your shopping in one hand and your child in the other and see how ‘handy’ it’s not needing to drop everything to just open the boot. Inside the CC you can see that VW have put the driver and all their passengers right at the forefront of their design guide. The split zone climate control, Nappa Leather seats and superb sound system make for a very luxurious ride.

The CC is a unique looking car to those we have driven in the past. It has a design to it that makes it look incredibly sporty. The front end is very business sedan in its look and feel, yet it has a low slung back end that swoops down like the pinnacle of a teardrop, the CC looks more like a sports sedan than a business one. On climbing into the back seat, the lower profile does mean there is slightly less headroom, but with a panoramic sunroof creating the illusion of space, you realize that there is more head room than a six foot passenger would ever need. The sporty good looks are carried from the design into the drive of the car and as you would have guessed, the German pedigree shines through.

Like a lightweight boxer fighting in a heavyweight bout, the VW CC packs more punch than you would ever expect for a car in that price range. Now the CC isn’t a cheap car,

The CC doesn’t just offer world class features, it offers a world class drive too. The model we had was the 2.0 litre turbo diesel that had real bite under the bonnet, without burning a hole in the fuel tank or your wallet. Delivering 125 kilowatts of power and 350 Newton metres of torque, the CC was a very smooth and powerful ride; cruising the city streets quietly and efficiently and on the open road she glided through traffic with the grace of a ballet dancer. With a top speed of 220 kilometres per hour and a zero to 100 time of a shade over eight seconds, she is by no means a slouch. The CC has a whisper quiet suspension that makes the inconsistently bumpy streets of Johannesburg feel like goose down pillows.

All in all, the CC is a real winner and makes a profound statement. This car is both good to drive and good on the environment and we would wholeheartedly consider buying it.