A charming French drama inspired by the true story of a quadriplegic billionaire and his caregiver, and the unlikely friendship that develops between the two men from opposite ends of society.

    When Driss (Omar Sy)applies to 

    be Phillippe’s (François Cluzet) caretaker he doesn’t do it with the intention of g|inline|https://cms.contactmedia.co.za/image/fde2216129975902dbe55ded8fdfa63d|portrait|c|jpeg|the-intouchables-(2011) EDIT.jpg||center|etting the job, he is only looking for his third job rejection required to gain government benefits. But Philippe has had enough of the same old pitying caretakers and decides to take Driss on, mainly for his hard-ass attitude. His new employee from the other side of the tracks becomes the only person who is able to forget about his disability long enough for him to feel like a real person again. Driss introduces humour back into Philippe’s life along with women, marijuana, and rap music, while Philippe introduces Driss to classical music, opera and fine art. The new-found friendship encourages Driss to become a responsible contributing member of society while Philippe learns to laugh and finds a reason to carry on living.

    Both characters are skilfully portrayed and their friendship is effortlessly captured on screen. It’s got to be the feel good film of the year.