LG InstaView Door-in-Door Fridge

Were you that child? Or do you have that child? The one who stands in front of the fridge with the door open, hoping that something that wasn’t there 20 minutes before will materialise?

LG’s InstaView fridge enables you to look inside the fridge without opening the barrier that lets out the air. It's called a transparent ColdSaver Panel: open the front door, knock on the mirrored glass panel and it lights itself up for you to look in, without letting the cold air out. It’s also great for when you're putting together your grocery list.

Innovation can also help with saving, whether energy, power or our bodies.LG, fridge, recharging kit, nitrates, Alvarita, Goal Zero

The InstaView is A+ energy rated, has 601l capacity, comes in a black stainless steel finish, wine rack, in-door ice maker and you can also download the LG SmartThinQ app for Android or iOS, so you can control your fridge remotely.

Price still to be confirmed but you can check for the fridge on www.lg.com/za.

Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit

With our daily demands on our smartphones and other mobile devices, we tend to run down the batteries quickly during the course of the day. The Goal Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit is ideal for those who need power during their day-to-day activities and even more so when you are going to be away from power for extended periods, for example, when camping or hiking.

You can charge any USB device including a smartphone and tablet, GoPro or other similar cameras and GPS units, two at a time. Because the last thing you need is to be somewhere out in the bush and losing your way because your GPS device has run out of power.

The Kit consists of a Venture 30 portable battery pack, which is water resistant, weighs 707g and has integrated cables and a 7800mAh, 3.6V battery, as well as a Nomad 7 solar panel, which can collect enough energy from the sun to recharge the battery pack in 16 hours or less.

You can plug your battery pack or devices straight into the Nomad 7 and you can also recharge the battery pack in five hours with AC or DC power using USB connection.

It is available online from www.mantality.co.za or www.futurama.co.za from R2 800.


Nitrates and nitrites are produced by our bodies, are produced naturally in vegetables and fruits, are also added to processed meats as a preservative, colourant and taste enhancer, and have even been found in drinking water in some areas. There is some debate around the effect that they have on our bodies and, from a negative perspective, are believed to cause cancer under certain conditions. The biggest problem is that cooking especially meats under high heat conditions can cause nitrosamines to form, and these are known to be carcinogenic. 

If you are looking to monitor your daily nitrate intake and, as a result, make better dietary decisions, Alvarita has developed the GreenTestEco4 which can be used to determine nitrate levels in “64 of the most commonly consumed fruits, vegetables and meats". It is a 2-in-1 device that can also detect levels of radiation in any environment within three seconds.

It is available at www.alvarita.co.za for R2 500.