Three Ships

Distilled in Wellington right here in South Africa, Three Ships has been in existence for 130 years and sets the benchmark for South African whisky while holding its own against whiskies from around the world. The peatiest single malt produced by master distiller Andy Watts, the Three Ships 10-year-old Single Malt with a 2005 vintage statement serves up richness, complexity and a creaminess born out of an array of tastes including pepper, spice, sweet oak, roasted malt, digestive biscuits and dark toffee. R550

Hennessy X.O Ice Experience

’Tis the season to restock the bar with the finest in liquid blends to carry you into the New Year and beyond. These fine finds fit every occasion.

Created by Maurice Hennessy in 1870, Hennessy X.O was the first cognac with the X.O classification and it has been able to consistently deliver on a deep, powerful, smooth taste and nose that hasn’t changed since the first bottle. The limited-edition Ice Experience is beautifully packaged and offers four drinking experiences: X.O on Three Rocks, X.O Diamond, X.O on a Tea Rock and Hennessy X.O Over Crushed Ice. R2 599.95

Bunnahabhain 25-Year Old

Founded in 1881 and located on the island of Islay, Bunnahabhain uses a natural water spring to produce its malts which results in their single malt being unpeated. The Bunnahabhain 25-year old is without chill-filtration, bottled in a smoked oak glass, has a label made from aged parchment & is housed in an Alder wooden box. The 25-year old has a rich and dark lingering finish with a mixture of fruit, nuts and raisins as well as nutmeg and caramel. R5 959

Southern Moonshine Range

Moonshine gained prominence during the Prohibition in America and is an unaged grain spirit or white whiskey made from white and yellow corn, wheat and malted barley. It has found its way to South Africa and Mark Taverner’s Silver Creek Craft Distillery in Johannesburg is triple distilling their moonshine, which includes the Southern Moonshine range. R370