When and how was MEDO (Micro Enterprise Development Organisation) started?

    An early version of MEDO was started in October 2008, and the name MEDO was assigned in 2011. We have now grown out of our name, as we support small and medium businesses nowadays too.

    What was the primary motivation behind the establishment of MEDO?

    Judi Sandrock speaks on igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship

    To assist growing the economy through job creation. In developing economies over 70% of new jobs are created by micro and small businesses so we wanted to focus where the impact would be.

    Who are the major players behind the organisation?

    Myself, Nolu Tutani, René Truter and Bjarke Gotfredsen.

    Since its inception how has it been received?

    It’s been received very well with both entrepreneurs and sponsoring corporates.

    What is the biggest challenge facing many who are looking to start their own businesses and succeed?

    Just do it! Those who do not succeed are trapped by procrastination. Success comes from selling – a business only grows through its sales pipeline.

    What does MEDO offer to those still looking for a big break and to those who have signed major deals abroad?

    If you are looking for the “big break” stop waiting! You have to create your own destiny and not wait for it to appear. To those who have signed deals, it’s one thing to sell it and another to keep it sold. Therefore, deliver value and keep your promises.

    What are the future plans of the organisation?

    We are planning to expand into Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria and Ghana over the next few years. The sequence of our expansion will be dependent on the relationships we establish.

    What advice can you give any one looking to benefit from your programme?

    Please apply at www.medo.co.za