QMS Medicosmetics Sport Active Cream

Perfect for the South African outdoors, this day cream has an SPF and an exclusive combination of vitamins. It’s lightly tinted and unique formulation makes it suitable for all skin tones, giving a naturally fresh look and glowing complexion. R610 for 30 ml

Clarins Bright Plus Intensive Brightening Smoothing Serum

Transform dull, tired winter skin into a glowing, fresh and rejuvenated complexion with these skincare wonders.

For skin that glows with youthful radiance, this serum is a must have for the new season. It helps firm facial features; smoothes away fine lines and is enriched with vitamin C and Biotin. With Sea Lily and Alchemilla extracts, it minimises the appearance of dark spots. R555 for 30 ml

OFRA Perfexion Refresh

With the hot and dry weather upon us, the hydrating beautifully encapsulated ingredients in Perfexion Refresh will help reduce the shine that occurs and also help tighten the skins cells giving a firm look and feel for face and neck. R493.65 for 30 ml

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense

This rich, oil-free gel instantly rehydrates and skin stays plumped for at least 24 hours. An added bonus is that daily use fortifies and repairs the skin’s natural moisture barrier, which keeps moisture in and environmental irritants out. Perfect for dry to combination skins. R

Almay Kinetin Restoring Night Cream

This intensely hydrating night cream helps reverse, delay and prevents visible signs of skin ageing and environmental damage. It locks in moisture so that the skin feels instantly tighter, rested, radiant and supple.. R395 for 50 ml

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Both of these amazing products are perfect to slough off dead winter skin cells and reveal a brighter, smoother and more radiant skin. The daily microfoliant is a unique rice-based enzyme powder with a botanical brightening complex, which helps in evening out skin tone. R720 for 75 g


1.   Exfoliating two to three times a week is essential for glowing, rejuvenated skin. This also helps the skin to absorb moisturiser.

2.   Make sunscreen an integral part of your morning routine and apply it after your moisturiser and under your foundation. Make sure you use at least a teaspoonful on your face!

3.   Avoid using cosmetics or sunscreen which is a year of more old. They do reach their sell-by dates and become less effective and possibly even harmful for the skin.

4.   The easiest way to ensure you step into Spring with beautiful skin is to do regular exercise, get enough sleep and eat healthily! 

ClarinsMen Revitalizing Gel

This light, energising gel boosts tired looking skin, eliminates a dull appearance and provides the moisture necessary to prevent signs of ageing. Facial contours are enhanced and skin tone is improved with daily use. R375 for 50 ml

QMS Medicosmetics Cellular Alpine

This revolutionary cream reduces fine lines, wrinkles and light swellings around the eye area and protects against premature ageing. It’s absorbed quickly and noticeably rejuvenates the tired area around the eyes. It’s suitable for all skin.  R1 500 for 15 ml

Michael Mikiala Men (an African men’s skin care range)

Michael Mikiala’s men’s skin care range, which includes face wash, face scrub, moisturiser and bump lotion, is especially designed to address the texture, type and condition of the black man’s skin. All their variety of products boast advanced formula to rejuvenate dull winter skin and address shaving ailments such as ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Scruffing Lotion 3.5

This gentle exfoliant helps control oil build up and maintain a clearer, more refined skin. It de-flakes the skin’s surface to smooth and soften the face. It also helps to ensure a closer, more comfortable shave. R180 for 200 ml

Dermalogica daily clean scrub

This dual-action exfoliating cleanser removes dulling surface debris, helping to lift the beard for a closer, cleaner shave. Its antioxidant properties help fight off skin-ageing free radicals and refine and purify pores.  R395 for 120 ml


1.  A shaving lotion is preferable to a shaving cream as it hydrates the skin and helps ward off nicks and cuts.

2.   Switch your aftershave to a balm. Find one without alcohol which will sooth and heal the skin after shaving.

3.   Alcohol, smoking and stress make skin look sallow and dull, so get into a daily cleansing, toning and moisturising routine and if possible, a facial once a month will do wonders to put the bounce back into your skin for spring.