“As much as I would like to tell you some epic story about how I was born with a camera in my hand or that I come from a family of creatives where my path was set from the moment I came in this world, I can’t, because none of that would be true.

“What is true is that from the earliest time I can remember I have always been considerate and put other people in front of me first. I have always day-dreamed of the possibility of more and envisioned these images in my head. It wasn’t until high school that I discovered graphic design and that I could finally express myself creatively. After receiving my BFA at the Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg in Visual Communications, I went into the work world to pursue my career in design.

“After a year into my career I started to feel like there was something more creative I should be doing. I loved design but it wasn’t giving me the true outlet to express myself fully. I began to photograph in my free time as a creative outlet and soon after realised I not only had a passion for photography, but a new creative medium to give back all while expressing myself personally.”

My name is Kyle La Mere and I am a designer, photographer and overall, a creative.

Kyle on travelling

“My camera has allowed me to work with some of my favourite artists and local charities in Chicago (Grant4Good and Reason To Give). It has taken me to Italy, Jamaica and Ethiopia. My life changed in 2011 when I started traveling to Ethiopia where I photographed for the Awassa Children’s Centre, a centre that houses more than 100 children orphaned by HIV/Aids.

“Since then I have made five trips to Ethiopia where my travels led me to an undiscovered fashion scene in Addis Ababa. I have worked with and shot for two of the current top designers in Ethiopia: Fikirte Addis and Mafi.

“Photography has given me access into the lives and terrain I couldn’t be afforded with any other creative medium. It has helped me understand myself and to keep pursuing projects no matter where they are on this planet.”

Kyle on Ethiopia

“I have never felt the presence of God. I am not a religious person even though I have strong faith in the universe and have always believed we are here for a reason. All of that changed two-and-a-half years ago when I first planted my feet in Ethiopia.

“I started travelling to Ethiopia in 2011 to photograph and volunteer at an orphanage in Awassa. From the moment I got to Ethiopia I could feel an energy like no other. I could almost see the spirituality and history of mankind rising like mist from the ground. I immediately knew I was where I needed to be in the world.

“Since then I have made five trips to Ethiopia. I got more involved in the culture and set out to see as much of this historic land as possible. I felt almost as if I’d been lied to my whole life as to what Ethiopia really is. It is everything other than what I saw or was told. I set out to return to this special place in hopes of utilising my skills through photography to at least change people’s minds and perspective about what Ethiopia is like and more so, what it will be.

These photos are just a small glimpse of my experience traveling throughout the country, the way I felt and viewed Ethiopia.

For inquiries and bookings email Kyle at klamere@gmail.com.