Busy Afropolitans know time is money and they stick to the golden rule that your travel time should never exceed 10% of your total time away. That’s why the two-hour flight from Johannesburg to Vilanculos, followed by a short 15 minute ‘hop’ over the Indian Ocean, is the perfect start to a short yet luxuriously sweet holiday away. And it all begins on the private landing strip of Indigo Bay, nestled in the massive sand dunes of Bazaruto Island.

We can safely say your first impression of Indigo Bay will soar beyond any expectation you may have. The beautiful beaches, which feel like a private beach at any given time of the day, borders private beach chalets, camouflaged by soft-fringed thatch roof and wooden verandas.

Inside, understated luxury comes in the form of a king sized bed, a decadent en-suite bathroom complete with both in and outdoor showers, a bathtub big enough for two, complete with white wooden shutters should you wish to invite the outside beauty in, a large living area, a dressing room, a mini-bar, satellite TV (as if you will need it), a safe for your valuables, and, most importantly, your very own hammock!

Bazaruto Island has to be seen, to be believed.

The soft white beach sand is raked every morning and every evening and the beach pagoda and two sun loungers await your arrival for the most breathtaking sunsets.

The resort’s two separate rim flow pools are immaculately kept and shaded by palm trees, should you need a break from the harsh African rays.  The wet bar (bar stools in the pool) is a cocktail oasis where a dedicated barman serves a signature mix dedicated to each day of the week. And just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, the ultra-luxurious Sanctuary Spa located on the highest point of the resort will lure you in with a sublime choice of pampering options. Please note: It is very important that you follow up your massage, pedicure or facial with a bottle of champagne in the Jacuzzi, where you can really lap up the views.

Should you be an explorer at heart, one of the Island's best features is its spectacular sand dunes. What a thrill to capture both the sun set and the moon rise from the top of a dune, before speeding down the golden banks on a sand board. Below the dunes lie fresh water lakes, which thrive with birdlife and Nile crocs … perhaps it’s best then that you reserve your swims for the magnificent hotel pools.

Exploring the Archipelago by boat is also a wonderful experience. The private charter to the nearby deserted Santa Carolina or Paradise Island is indeed a highlight. It’s difficult to believe that about 100-years-ago Santa Carolina was Mozambique’s Alcatraz – a penal colony. More romantically however, the island was also the centre of a love affair between the Portuguese trader Lourenço Marques and a beautiful Moor (Muslim Inhabitant of Morocco) named Mariame.  More recently, in the 50s and 60s, it was a hot spot for honeymooners. Take a walk through the derelict building that that is now a mere  hollow shell of a once very grand hotel.

And when you have had your fill of history, mosey to the beach where  a seafood braai will await you and your hunger. Foodies the world over would be in seventh heaven at Indigo Bay. One could literally write a book on the quality, variety and absolute joy of the food on offer. Every morning a basket of freshly baked rolls, pastries, croissants and muffins is the opening act to your day. Every meal is a roll out of inspired entrées, starters, mains and desserts. And when each plate is a work of art and each mouthful a sheer delight, it’s difficult to highlight just one.

It’s both a blessing and a curse to have experienced the idyllic island resort of Indigo Bay, as you will most likely never encounter anything quite like it... ever again!

The Best of Indigo Bay Accommodation:

Depending on your personal requirements, the top 3 accommodation offers at Indigo Bay are:

1. The Presidential Villa offers the ultimate in 5-star luxury with its own spa bath and swimming pool. It comprises 1 King room and 1 twin room, each with en-suite bathroom, in addition to a lounge and bar.

2. The Beach Honeymoon Chalet offers en-suite bathroom, dressing room, lounge area and very own splash pool.

3. The Executive Suite (or Matemo Suite) with luxury en-suite bathroom, lounge, verandah and private plunge pool.