Tis the season to be... sweaty! Welcome to the beginning of the year, that time when studios the world over are filled to the brim with “resolution gymmers” in their Lorna Jane outfits looking to accomplish their #fitnessgoals. The season results in queues for the treadmills, too many naked bodies in the changing rooms and the waft of a thousand perfumes in the air. But, without fail, by March the herd begins to thin out and move on - citing time, inconvenience and money as reasons for ditching their health goals.

A new breed of health studios understands that you know that keeping up your health is of utmost importance, and that a maintainable programme that is easy to stay committed to is key. These studios now offer fitness and training programmes designed to address the challenges clients face when it comes to maintaining a regime long-term.

Excuse #1: Time

Ditch those oh-so-standard excuses for flaking out of your #fitnessgoals

Finding time to train between work demands and family responsibilities is sometimes near impossible! Fitness studios like Bodytec offer you more than just fitness…they offer you precious time back! Bodytec's EMS (electro-muscle stimulation) fitness method only requires 20 minutes of your time, once a week! EMS methods have been used for decades in the world of professional sports and rehabilitation. EMS training imitates the natural principle of muscle contraction, which is a result of the interaction between the brain, the central nervous system and muscle tissue. A low-frequency stimulus is used to activate intense contractions of up to 90% of the body’s muscles simultaneously - making it more time-efficient than conventional weight training that focuses only on one or two muscle groups at a time. After six to eight sessions you can expect improved strength, endurance, posture (stronger core) and blood circulation and reduced body fat. Research from the German Sports University Cologne (Filipovic et al., 2012; Speicher et al., 2008) found significant improvements in speed and maximum strength after a period of EMS training, so it is definitely worth a try for 20 minutes, once a week!


Excuse #2: Convenience

Soon to be launched in Illovo, Johannesburg in March, luxury gym Rituals touts itself as the most efficient gym in the world with its 30-minute HIIT workouts. What's more important than even efficiency for a premium customer? Convenience! We have all been in a situation where we race like a demon out of the office to catch the once-a-week 5pm boot-camp class at gym…only to miss it because a truck jack-knifed at Gilloolys! At Rituals, this will cease to be an issue because, while there are different workout programmes every day, that day's programme is run every half hour throughout the day so you can pop in as and when you like. You will no longer have to commit to a time slot. Keep forgetting your kit at home? At Rituals, there will be no need to lug your gym bag around as clothes, towels and quality toiletries will be provided should you require them. Problem solved! What about sneakers, you ask? I'm not wearing someone else's shoes! Well, with a “no shoes required” policy at Rituals you can literally walk in empty-handed and get your sweat on! Bookings are made online or via the app. All you have to do is show up!


Excuse #3: Cost

For any health regime to be sustainable it needs to be affordable. With prices rising everywhere, everyone is looking to save a buck on the monthly budget. Understandably gym membership can be relegated to the “nice to have” instead of the “need to have” column. Brands like Viva Gym cater to this by offering low monthly rates. Viva maintains its low prices by offering only the basics you need to train – so no sauna or steam room - but that’s not what you goes to gym for! And because life is unpredictable, black tax is real, and circumstances can force us to make financial changes, they offer month-to-month subscription options. Cancelling a contract attracts no penalties should funds be low that month.


With the top three biggest challenges to fitness resolved and your needs catered for, what is your excuse for not getting fit this year?