Miele Scout RX1 vacuum cleaner

Gone are the days when you had to traipse around the house, coughing and spluttering as you vacuumed. Scout RX1 is automated with a smart navigation system that has an indoor positioning system, furniture protection technology and advanced corner cleaning that ensure your rooms are cleaned to perfection without anything getting damaged. It’s programmable so you can decide what times it cleans in advance, whether you’re home or not. Once the job’s completed, it will dock at the charging station to recharge. It also has an AirClean system to filter dust particles, turbo mode to clean faster, and a remote control if you prefer to control it yourself while you chill on the couch.

Scout RX1 – R12 999; visit www.miele.co.za for stockists.

The most advanced technological equipment in the home used to be the audio and video equipment, such as the hi-fi, record player, video machine and, later, the DVD player. This is no longer the case.

Klipsch Professional Landscape Series speakers

When you entertain, it can be a schlep to move your speakers outside every time. Klipsch has designed an all-weather durable speaker system with a subwoofer option that can be full or half-buried in the ground. The PRO-50 OT-LS Landscape satellite speakers have a 5” IMG woofer, 105° horizontal dispersion pattern and a Tractix horn-loaded 1” aluminium dome tweeter, while the PRO-10SW-LS Landscape subwoofer has a 10” IMG woofer. Come rain or shine, Klipsch’s Landscape Series pumps out high-performance outdoor audio.

Klipsch PRO-50 OT-LS Landscape satellite speakers – R6 250; PRO-10SW-LS Landscape subwoofer – R15 990; call 011 781-8887 or visit www.homemation.co.za for stockists.

Samsung Family Hub refrigerator

Samsung is taking fridge design to a whole new level with the Family Hub series. At the core of the Family Hub is a 21.5” LCD touchscreen, which connects to your smartphone and through which you can do everything from watching videos and listening to music to managing family calendars and making notes, removing the need to stick post-its all over your fridge door!

At some stage, all of us have popped into the supermarket only to find we’ve forgotten the grocery list at home. With the Family Hub fridge, you can even view the inside of your fridge to see what you need to buy. Other features include: StickiBoard, which enables you to share calendars, photos and notes; WhiteBoard to write notes and leave messages using your smartphone; Food Reminders, where you attach expiration dates to the items in the fridge; Shopping List to add grocery lists which you can access on your smartphone; and, you can even browse the Internet. And it works well as a fridge too, incorporating Samsung’s FlexZone with which you can switch from fridge to freezer, depending on your needs.

While the Family Hub fridges are not yet available in South Africa, they will eventually hit our shores and be a great addition to your kitchen. Visit www.samsung.com/za for more information.