A defence mechanism against mediocrity

1922 – The year that the Swallow Sidecar Company, which later became Jaguar, was formed.

Did you know? Jaguar’s sale slogan was “Grace, Space, Pace”.

200 – The original number of XK 120 Jaguar’s to be built before the popularity of the car sent it into mass production.

Did you know? Jaguar’s sale slogan was “Grace, Space, Pace”.

1961 – The year that the celebrated Jaguar E-Type was launched.

5,595 – The original cost in dollars of the open two-seater Jaguar E-Type.

2.5 billion – The dollar investment made in the new facilities in the U.K. plant of Solihull to build to new Jag XE.

275km/h – The top speed of the Jaguar F-Type S Coupé.

1, 358 400 – The number of Rands you will have to give up to be the owner of the Jaguar XFR-S, the fastest Jaguar saloon car ever built.

Enzo Ferrari is said to have called it the most beautiful car in the world. Steve McQueen had one in his garage and so did Bridget Bardot... Those not lucky enough to own one could even marvel at it in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It could only be one; it could only be the Jaguar E-Type. Once the fastest production car in the world; the E-Type has always been more than a pretty face. Today Jaguar’s legendary stable extends far beyond the legacy of the E-Type. The Jaguar F-Type S Coupé is the kind of car you buy as a defence mechanism against mediocrity. It goes from 0-100km/h in 4.9 seconds, which is coincidentally that is the same amount of time that it takes to fall in love with this beast of a machine.

Reminiscent of its iconic predecessor, the Jag F-Type Coupé’s classic aesthetic with its uninterrupted arc of a roofline is sure to upgrade any garage or parking lot. However, the car’s predatory appearance is only secondary to the driving experience afforded by this modern sports car. Speeding (but trying not to speed) through Cape Town’s most beautiful obstacle course (during the launch of this beauty): Chapman’s Peak, the Jag F-Type S Coupé attracts encouraging waves and fist-pumps from fellow motorists making its driver feel like someone who has achieved something amazing! Stopping to take the obligatory #mylifeisbetterthanyours selfie against the backdrop of the ocean makes the experience look like you’re living in an advert for a life that you can’t afford, but really want to.

After deleting the phrase “the engine growls” repeatedly one has to resign themself to the cliché and firmly assert that the engine does in fact growl, to be more specific, it growls like the best sound you’ve ever heard, the first “I love you” from a totally out of my league lover… In fact, the use of this cliché is vindicated when a man walking past asks if he can rev the accelerator so that he can record the growl (there it is again) on his phone. Naturally we happily oblige and at about the same time we become that person that we all hate: the douchebag driver – and it is wonderful!!