the perfect centrepiece for any luxurious room setting
  • Your cigars should be stored at a humidity level that is between 68% and 75%, whilst maintaining a constant temperature that is between 16 and 20 degrees C. Sound like too much work? Then let Liebherr's ZKes 453 Humidor automatically do it for you. Combine this with their WKes653 Wine Cabinet and you have a winning combination!
Are you looking to spoil yourself or a loved one? If you have had a good year and your personal banker is very pleased with the balance in your account, we have a few suggestions of must-haves you well…have to have!

 Recommended price ZKes 453: R 29,990

Recommended price WKes 653: R 19,990

  •  Elegantly contemporary, the 24-glass lite cluster chandelier with a rectrangular chrome base is the perfect centrepiece for any luxurious room setting.

Recommended price: R 9,918

  • Bang & Olufsen recently announced the launch of BeoLab 18, which is without a doubt top-of-the-line in wireless speakers. With a re-engineered digital sound engine, these iconic Nordic hardwood speakers sound seriously good.

 Recommended price: from R 85,000

  • Just when you thought it could not get any better, Technogym introduces the updated Kinesis Personal machine. This is the most versatile and comprehensive training product ever developed, ideal for the home with its sexy mirror backing.

 Recommended price: R 166,400