House music production master Dr Duda, revered trumpeter Mo-T and vocal sensation J’Something are the soulful house brand Mi Casa. They are Soul Candi’s first live music act and have become a local sensation. Their single These Streets was officially South Africa’s biggest chart-topping single of last year and they have just gone Platinum!

This 3 time SAMA award winning House act has just had the success of their debut self-titled album breaking past the 40 000 unit mark in sales. Not only are they excelling in sales, they have become a household name and a much-sought after live act playing as much as 12 high-profile shows in a regular week.

What is the inspiration behind the name Mi Casa?

Mi Casa means “my house”. On one level it’s simply the music we’re making – house music! There’s also a deeper meaning that comes from the saying, mi casa, su casa, which means my house is your house.

"We need more passion for local music, a bigger passion for who we are."

What do each of your different talents and personalities bring to the trio?

I’m the singer and songwriter. Mo brings the trumpet. Duda brings in the live keys, and he’s our production man – he’s a genius and brings with him the experience and maturity of the industry, although he’s still a kid at heart. Me and Mo bring the fun. We all try not to get too serious. We’d actually never met before this album, and we get along really well. We’re an amazing team.

How does your brand of music impact our society?

I think our message is pure and sincere. People feel comfortable to chat to us, and I believe we’re expressing a real mi casa su casa philosophy.

What has been Mi Casa’s biggest challenge and greatest victory?

We’ve been blessed enough to experience more victories than challenges, but it certainly wasn’t easy starting out. We knew our concept would work and approached so many people, only to be rejected. It was tough. Things for us went from zero to 100 so quickly. The radio play is also so encouraging. When your art is being appreciated by so many, you truly feel blessed.

What needs to change in the local music industry?

We need more passion for local music, a bigger passion for who we are. It doesn’t make sense to portray an American image to local people – it confuses them. I’m not a big fan of portraying the super stardom image. These songs about being young and doing drugs – I just don’t get it. Why would anyone want to portray a message like that and mess people up?

Describe the type of person who would appreciate your record?

I’ve seen so many different people appreciating it, from kids to an elderly lady holding her heart and thanking us after a show. The black/coloured market predominantly supports House music in this country, but we’ve played to a full white crowd, and it’s all the same.