Somebody once said, “You never know who you are going to bump into, so dress accordingly.” One of the only times I disregarded this, was the evening I found myself face to face with Bono – the lead singer of U2… It was definitely the last!

    As a woman how often do you lie awake wondering what on earth to wear for an important pitch the next day? Do you remember the times you stood nearly naked for almost an hour hoping that something would jump out and grab your attention, because inspiration for an outfit (probably for something as banal as shopping) simply eluded you. A woman’s wardrobe is the recipient of much profanity and fury but can give so much joy and delight on a good occasion.

    Secretly, every woman dreams of having a beautiful relationship with their wardrobe.  The question would be how ones wardrobe can work for you without being obsessive compulsive, anal about tidiness or wealthy enough to have someone constantly fold and refold clothes.

    Somebody once said, “You never know who you are going to bump into, so dress accordingly.” One of the only times I disregarded this, was the evening I found myself

    How to have a wardrobe that covers all seasons

    Skilfully packed and organized, your wardrobe can be versatile enough to take you effortlessly from summer to winter or from daytime work-wear to elegant evening wear in an instant! It’s all about layering, delayering and accessorizing. Layering is understanding how good fabrics go together. It does not mean a polo neck, plus a cardigan, plus a gilet, plus a duffel coat… that will only make you look and feel like a pyramid!

    Most importantly, the secret is being able to really see your clothes at a glance in your wardrobe and know how items work together, compliment your body shape and make you feel confident. If in doubt, keep it simple, keep the colour palettes of your dress, shirt, trousers or suit neutral and add a dash of colour with a scarf, necklace or great heels. This keeps the look elegant, sophisticated and adaptable. 

    A few basic guidelines:

    1. Never keep items of clothing in your wardrobe that last fitted seven years ago or before you lost and gained weight several times over! Sentimentality has no place in a working wardrobe.

    2. There is no such thing as power-dressing! In fact it’s embarrassing that women feel that they have to wear a suit to compete professionally with men. Embracing your femininity, knowing what suits your body and being confident and professional in your attitude will surpass a butch ill-fitting suit any day.

    3. Being firmly loyal to your heritage and embracing it in your attire is admirable and an integral part of many women’s lives. Invites to gala events may stipulate traditional wear of black tie, but neither form of fancy dress is suitable for the boardroom. If you like reflecting your heritage in your office wear, bear in mind that less is more. You don’t see a Scottish CEO wearing a kilt or an Indian MD donning a sari in board meetings, so for a professional look keep your traditional accents to scarves, beaded necklaces or colour-blocked ethnic prints.

    4. Finally, there are a few basics every woman should have in her wardrobe:

    ·         A pair of jeans that can be worn casually or dressed up.

    ·         A black tailored blazer.

    ·         A crisp white collared shirt – if there’s even a hint of grey it needs to be tossed away!

    ·         One hell of a pair of black heels.

    ·         Two or three sets of beautiful underwear.

    ·         A little black dress (you have heard that a million times, but it's true). 

    ·         A good pair of sneakers and a couple of pairs of pumps.

    ·         And you can never have enough good-quality white, grey, cream and black good-quality vests and long-sleeve T-shirts.

    Spoil yourself this women’s month and re-work your wardrobe. It will be the gift that keeps on giving!