This futuristic action film is part sci-fi, part mob movie. Time travel exists in the year 2074 but it’s illegal and only used by criminal organizations who send those they want killed into the past to be killed by "loopers" or assassins, who are paid with silver bars strapped to their targets. Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a “looper” who enjoys his life, awaits his targets, and gets rich by killing them. That is until the day the mob sends a target back in time to be killed - this time it’s not just any target, it’s his future self (Bruce Willis) he has to kill.

So much more than just a bunch of special effects and explosions, the action sequences are exciting, the plot is smart and twisted, and the characters are strong and complex. Both leads do a great job exploring concepts of regret and redemption, solitude and sacrifice, love and loss. If you are a sci-fi junkie, this is sci-fi on steroids!