LOLA BUTTONS collection embodies the designer's belief in simplicity and fine craftsmanship as the key to elegance and style. Dedicates countless hours to creating bespoke pieces alongside her ready-to-wear range, with every garment being informed by a close study of the female form for which it is made. Lola Buttons is focused on the women who discover themselves through the meticulously constructed clothing that Lola buttons creates

Lola Buttons was established in December 2009, since then the fashion outfit has become one of Nigeria's independent innovative African fashion and beauty retailer. Lola Buttons is a reflection of the founder's choice of style, which is simplicity in mind and it reflects the effortless beauty achieved through creative craftsmanship in fashion. Lola Buttons is basically focused on reaching women with passion for fashion.

Her inspiration is from the diversity in her country's culture which, is enough to inspire any designer; although she still look farther afield to make her view broader and to be versatile in her work. The success of a fashion designer is based on the ability to identify and predict trends in consumerism. As such, a skilled fashion designer must fill her work environment with information about historical trends in fashion and fads to predict how those trends will change in the future.

Her signature element include; the uniqueness in her design and the finishing. As a Haute couture - designer and ready-to- wear, she works directly with the client, organising fittings and making alterations, and the work takes a high level of skill and large amounts of time. Lola Buttons point of design include silhouette, motif, pattern, and detailing.