Jerri Mokgofe portrait

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accordingtojerri covers, curates and creates African content; shining a spotlight on local fashion, beauty, travel, design, music, art and overall lifestyle in South African. The content is 98% local, one percent international content and the other one percent I use to highlight the work I do, so it acts as my professional portfolio as well. The content that goes on the site showcases my everyday lived experiences that I photograph and write about.

The top five essentials everyone needs in their wardrobe…

Styled a cover of a magazine? Check. Celebrity clients? Check. Thousands of followers? Check. Stylist, photographer and fashion blogger, Jerri Mokgofe is showing us how to live life

Great quality denim jeans

A pair of slip-on leather shoes

One well-cut power suit

Unlimited T-shirts

And a leather biker jacket

South African fashion is…

A multimillion-rand industry that is actively contributing to this country’s economy.

What trends should we expect in 2017?

Cocooning, consciousness and minimalism. Things are going back to basics. As consumers we’ve been conspicuous and excessive; oversharing too much of our lives on social media. The time has come for spending less money, covering up and sharing less of our lives on social media. People will be buying fewer material possessions and will spend more money on experiences that aren’t tangible.

The difference between style and fashion is…

Fashion is restricted and dictates, whereas style is liberated and enjoys the freedom to do its own thing.

What kind of doors has accordingtojerri opened for you?

It has secured me a place in spaces where I do not have to seek others’ validation but rather am asked how I see things from my perspective.

Besides accordingtojerri, what other work do you do?

I’m a photographer and fashion stylist as well as an online content creator and curator.

Who are your top five SA designers?

David Tlale

Suzaan Heyns

Thula Sindi

Marianne Fassler

Ole Ledimo of House of Ole

Who are your clients?

Whoever contacts me seeking service solutions to whatever wardrobe, photography or online content creation challenges they may have. I’ve worked with South African celebrities like Nomzamo Mbatha and Terry Pheto, Tuelo Nguyuza, Bona Magazine, Vika Shipalana, DNA Brand Architects and many others.

What tips would you give for dressing for the red carpet?

Always remember that the lights on the red carpet are bright, harsh and unforgiving. They’ll bring out everything unflattering about your ensemble therefore always take a picture with the flash on before leaving the house. Zoom in on the picture/s and see how you really look. The mirror lies, a picture doesn’t.

If you could be anyone for a day who would it be?

I am very happy being me every day of my life.

How do you see accordingtojerri growing in the future?

I’d like it to get to a point where accordingtojerri teaches, nurtures, shapes, develops and upskills young emerging talent in all disciplines from fashion and art, to writing, design and photography. I’m a teacher at heart.

Where are you hoping to take the accordingtojerri brand?

Longevity is very important for me but I’d like to use the platform I’ve built to share my experiences and develop skills of others who’d like to learn what I know.

Your hope for your own life?

I want to create more, practice self-care, live a conscious life and surround myself with positive vibes.

Fashion is…

A multibillion-rand industry. It provides a livelihood just like any other career or job. It’s not frivolous, self-indulgent or a hobby (as many assume it is).

What puts a smile on your face?

Good energy. But a full moon always makes my heart smil


Facebook and Instagram: @accordingtojerri

Twitter: @jerrimokgofe