I was born in… 

The US, in Columbus, Ohio.

My parents taught me that…

Respect, kindness, happiness and never living beyond your means are the key to a success life. Above all, they taught me about the awesome power that is God!

I was naughty beyond belief as a teenager! As an only girl among three brothers, I was a tomboy who lived in her head. I had no choice… My brothers always insisted I sat behind them, so I created adventures and characters in my head. Life was good until someone came to bring me back to reality.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

School runs, creating content for Creative Cool Afrika (a digital platform that is unapologetically African and showcases African creativity in all its forms), internet surfing and touching base with my other creative heads all over the globe.

The three greatest lessons acting has taught you… You are handling precious cargo, acting is about being truthful and knowing it’s not about you. That more importantly, you’re merely a vessel of someone’s narrative.

Actress, television direction, wife and mother, Sthandiwe Kgoroge, tells us about growing up a tomboy, her addiction to everything vintage and the best part about being married  

Who are your heroes?

My parents.

Love is…

Freedom to be who you were meant to be.

What’s the secret to having a private life as a public figure?

It’s funny, because I think the more real you are, just living your life, being present in the moments of your life, you’re often considered to be “private”.

Who, internationally and locally, would you still like to work with?

Locally, too many to mention, but Brenda Ngxoli, Masasa Mbangeni, Trevor Stuurman and Siyabonga Thwala come to mind. Internationally, I’m praying for collaborations with the creatives of Okayafrica, Shonda Rhimes, and on the list goes!

Television or film?

I love both mediums. They’re both storytelling, and I’m a storyteller.

Where does your love for vintage clothing come from?

I'm sure I lived in another lifetime; I'm truly an old soul. I love and appreciate the artistry of vintage clothes, accessories and furniture. My mom was always so impeccably dressed when I was growing up. I may have been a tomboy, but I was paying attention to her dress and sense of style.

Motherhood has made me more confident. The three God-sent angels that are my children affirm me, cheer me on, challenge me to do more. Who wouldn't soar with a love so strong!

Both you and your husband, Tony, are actors. Would you encourage your children to go into the business?


The best part about being married is…

The good stuff on tap!

What would we be surprised to know about you?

I'm a sociologist. I studied drama and sociology. I love doing research. It was either acting or being a researcher. People always ask me how I find all these creatives I discover all the time, and I always say I have the mindset of a researcher. But I’ve been told that I’m funny! When most people meet me for the first time, they always remark how they had no idea that I was crazy. I’m not as serious as people think I am. 

The last time you were moved to tears was…

When my dad passed away a year ago. I’m still in shock, still so surreal. I owe everything I am to my dad.

On your bucket list…

To live in Ghana, as well as Canada, just so my kids can experience the best years of my childhood (I lived in Edmonton, in the province of Alberta, for five years from the age of six to 10), travel to India for a few months, as well as collaborate with other artists.