JD by Shaldon Kopman introduces a line of elegant sneakers

There’s a new stylish and groundbreaking creation in men’s footwear: JD by Shaldon Kopman. It is designed by Shaldon Kopman of Naked Ape who is collaborating with menswear brand, Jonathan D to create a casual sneaker for the elegantly street sav-vy man.

The year is 1978. The place: South Africa. Life was tense. The country was on lock-down thanks to sanctions placed on all international trade. Jonathan Dale Marcus a.k.a. Jonathan D, walked down the promenade. The south-easter picked up, gusty, when it hit him: barring earthquake or revolution, Jonathan D was going to scrape every last cent together and open his first factory to supply European fashion to the South African man. One factory turned to two and a simple dream into a destiny.

Fast forward to present day. The city pulsates as people make their way to work in
taxis that cough and splutter and swerve as if they have minds of their own. The bill-board seems to touch the sky, Jonathan D would be proud, his name shining down on the faces of hundred as they rush by, his clothing worn by thousands. One such traveller, tall, knowing, walks into the office. In his hands lies the future of Jonathan D concealed between covers. His name is Shaldon Kopman….

About Shaldon Kopman

There’s a new stylish and groundbreaking creation in men’s footwear: JD by Shaldon Kopman.

“A good appearance can create an entry; a great appearance can construct your success in business and social relationships.”
Shaldon Kopman is a well-recognized name in the fashion Industry. His career to date has spanned the globe. He is the director and founder of the bespoke men’s brand Naked Ape. Shaldon’s comprehensive knowledge of the fashion industry as a whole is complementary to his creativity and ability to look at the task at hand, and conceptualise it in a refreshing and exciting way. He has a special talent for interpreting trends and producing within an African context.

Shaldon’s experience and standing in the fashion and lifestyle industry commands respect both locally and internationally, paying tribute to an illustrious career built on a passion for the sector as a stylist and fashion director in New York, Chicago, Sydney, Milan, Paris and Dubai – to mention a few destinations.

In his hometown, South Africa, Shaldon has worked as fashion editor for Elle, Soccer Life, and Y Magazine. His meticulous attention to detail, natural eye for aesthetics, and daring spirit won him the “GQ Best Dressed Man” award for 2006/7.

Shaldon Kopman brought South Africa a one of its kind fashion installation title “Journey of a travelling man” at the SA Fashion week 2013 and this year he aims to do the same with the JD by Shaldon Kopman.

More over to this Shaldon has also to the fashion installation, Shaldon styled Samuel L Jackson for the move “Kite” which will be released this year on South African screens and also styled Mr. Jackson for cove magazine with GQ Magazine.

This fashion designer and director of Naked Ape has styled some of South Africa’s most prominent males such as Boris Kodjoe, Kojo Baffoe, Promise Mlambo, Ex Orlando Pirate coach Roger De Saal, Matthew Boothe, Danny K, Vusi Kunene, Mfundi Vundla