Many people believe that Cognac is a spirit that should be enjoyed neat with a few ice cubes and consider mixing it with other beverages a sin! However, this view could not be further from the truth. The use of Cognac in cocktails goes back as far as the early 1800’s when the cocktail was invented - it was known as a “barman’s best friend”. Back in those days, pioneering mixologists only had a choice between brandy, gin or whisky. Brandy, particularly French Cognac, was extremely sought-after in America, where the cocktail culture was born. In fact, Cognac was a signature ingredient in some of America’s first-ever classic cocktails like the Sidecar and the original Sazerac.

 Why Cognac is a good ingredient for cocktails

Cognac is a starting point for a wide range of both classic and contemporary cocktails because of its taste profile and intensity of flavour. Cognac has a unique balance of fruit flavours and is aged in French oak, which gives Cognac its characteristic colour, aromas and bouquet.

Many people believe that Cognac is a spirit that should be enjoyed neat with a few ice cubes and consider mixing it with other beverages a sin! However, this view could not be further from the truth.

The Cognac audience now includes the younger generation who are learning to appreciate this find spirit. As such, Bisquit Cognac has developed three delicious cocktails to entice this audience to try Cognac and educate their older audience about the versatility of this spirit.

Denis Lahouratate, the Maitre de Chai (Cellar Master) for Bisquit Cognac, is a firm believer in encouraging consumers to try the range in different ways, including drinking V.S ice cold. Denis recently developed The Perfect Serve, a porcelain implement that is used when pouring a serve of X.O. The cognac is poured over a block of ice that is placed on the spoon, allowing the cognac to filter over the ice into the glass below. This avoids dilution of the cognac and cools it down to just the right temperature.

Bisquit V.S is defined by its softness and freshness, revealing a bouquet of fruity aromas (pear and plum) with deeper notes of vanilla and cinnamon. Bisquit V.S.O.P is smooth and mellow in character with a long finish. On the nose and in the palate, it reveals a bouquet of full, ripe fruit (dried apricots) and spice (cinnamon and clove). As a result of these taste profiles, it is recommended that Bisquit V.S and Bisquit V.S.O.P are used in cocktails as opposed to Bisquit X.O, which is better suited to being consumed neat. 

Bisquit Cognac cocktail recipes:

Bisquit Cognacs are well-known for their specific roundness and supple aromas, thanks to the hand-crafted distillation process. The aim is to create a crisp, delicious cocktail that preserves the Bisquit Cognac aromas and has very few ingredients so as to allow anyone to be able to make it.

In 2008, the BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac) worked with a team of the world’s most famous mixologists to develop a signature Cognac cocktail that would revive the Cognac industry. These ‘Shaker Kings” created what is known as the Cognac Summit. This delightfully refreshing cocktail has fantastic aromatic complexity and can compete with the world’s most famous cocktails. It even has its own website!

Bisquit Summit Cocktail

40ml Bisquit V.S

100ml fresh lemonade

1 slice of fresh lime peel

1 slice of fresh ginger

1 long thin slice of cucumber peel 


Pour 40ml Bisquit V.S into your chosen glass

Add one slice of fresh ginger and lots of ice

Top up with 100ml lemonade
Stir lightly and garnish by zesting the glass/drink with a lime peel that you rub around the rim of the glass. Place a lime peel and cucumber sliver in the drink and enjoy!

Bisquit 2B Cocktail

Shaker version

In shaker, pour:

50 ml Bisquit V.S or V.S.O.P

25 ml lemon juice squeezed

20 ml sugar cane syrup

6 crushed Basil leaves


Add ice cubes

Shake and strain into a glass filled with ice cubes

Add 30 ml sparkling water (optional) and garnish with a basil leaf.

Direct in a glass

In a glass filled with ice cubes, pour:

50 ml Bisquit V.S or V.S.O.P

25 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

15 ml sugar cane syrup

30 ml sparkling water (optional)

6 crushed basil leaves


Stir everything with a mixing spoon,

Garnish with a basil leaf.

Bisquit Orchard Cocktail

40ml Bisquit V.S

10ml fresh lemon juice

10ml sugar cane syrup

120ml Appletiser or Moni’s non-alcoholic cider

10ml sparkling water

Lemon wedge


Mix the Bisquit V.S. with the freshly squeezed lemon juice and the sugar syrup.

Top up with Appletiser/cider and sparkling water then add a wedge of lemon.

If you’d like to try your hand at making your own Cognac cocktails, it is important to note that very acidic ingredients such as pineapple do not pair well with cognac as they destroy the fats within the Cognac.

Other ways to enjoy a Cognac cocktail include:

  • V.S that has been placed in the freezer until it is completely chilled is delicious when mixed with litchi, apple, carrot, cucumber or shiitake mushrooms.
  • V.S at room temperature can be successfully combined with raspberries, pumpkin, apple, carrot and cucumber.
  • V.S.O.P is particularly well-matched with litchis.

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