We’re fortunate to be living in the 21st Century – we’ve seen the internal combustion engine exploited to its full potential. Whether boats, cars, planes or bikes, we have the ultimate selection of high performance machines to choose from.

We’re also living in what’s known as the Information Age: practically anything and everything can be found on Google. But what about those who wish to discover things for themselves? What if you want to go where no four-wheeled vehicle has gone before? You can’t Google that – you have to experience it.

And what you need to experience it is an adventure bike. A bike that allows you to effortlessly eat up kilometres of tar as well as go poking around Mother Nature’s backyard.

Looking for a party on the tar and the dirt? Look no further than the KTM 1190 Adventure R!

There are many adventure bikes on the market, but there is only one worth mentioning: the KTM 1190 Adventure R. With an 1198cc V-twin motor, producing 150hp, it is the most powerful adventure bike ever made. All out the speedo will see around 275kph, which for this type of bike is near light-speed! An upgrade from its sister, the 1190 Adventure, the ‘R’ version has larger wheels and a more aggressive power delivery.

The styling department has certainly gone to town with an aggressive black-and-white colour scheme with a hint of orange, just a touch of KTM. The accessory catalogue for the 1190 R would put Barbie to shame, and has everything from storing luggage to ‘tricking’ out your brake fluid reservoir.

To describe what the 1190 R is like to ride, imagine riding a bull that’s wearing a hospital gown. Inspecting the bike makes you believe it was assembled in an operating theatre, which is how KTM likes it. Everything is where it should be. But unleash this beast on the road with the multi-option traction control set to ‘OFF’ and you’ll be looking for your bowels in your back pocket.

Electronics include ABS, Traction Control and the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. The electronic suspension package (ESP) is available on the 1190 Adventure standard and not on the R model, simply because it is an unnecessary and complicated system that is of no value in this rugged off-road machine.

So whether you’re a weekend adventure warrior, or a blatant road rebel looking for the ultimate in dual-purpose two-wheeled action, we believe we have found the bike for you!