There are many reasons why I love December. First and most notably, no-one judges you for having mimosas at 10 in the morning because we’ve all got that #KeDezembaBoss feeling. Then, of course, there are the late sunsets, very little clothing and braais that help “cause a cozy condition”, as Snoop Dogg once said.

Putting together this issue was like surprising a loved one on their birthday. Getting it absolutely right is crucial because you spend months planning it and everything hangs on how it pulls together in the end. One of the things we wanted to do is to make you feel special whether you’re spending the holidays on the beach or at home on the couch.

After the bizarre year that was 2016 (I don’t possess the vocabulary to express my disbelief at Donald Trump being the new leader of the free world), reward yourself by opening a limited-edition bottle of scotch, or simply abandon Joburg’s sometimes claustrophobic malls and head for the city’s open spaces – this issue has it covered.

America’s not alone in being a circus of political buffoonery, we’ve also had our fair share of upheaval what with finance ministers being changed like bloomers [boxer shorts? – bloomers a bit old-fashioned?] and executives going to fictitious shebeens in Saxonwold – perhaps it’s time to reimagine how we see ourselves as a country?

As we gear up for another year – no doubt one that will bring more surprises – we don’t want to neglect the good things we South Africans did this year... I’ll never forget the historical moment when Wayde van Niekerk beat Michael Johnson’s 400-metre time at the Rio Olympics, breaking many records including being the first person to run 100 metres in less than 10 seconds [I think this is how it should be worded]. Or how my mind is blown every time I watch The Daily Show where Trevor Noah, sitting in front of an American audience in New York, still speaks in a South African accent! From the famous to the quiet tsotsis hustling in the boardroom, I’m proud of us.

There are many reasons why I love December. First and most notably, no-one judges you for having mimosas at 10 in the morning.

And so, to you, the hard worker – the one who may never make the cover of a magazine, someone who races the sun each day to make it home to help your kids do homework while trying, rather desperately, to practice self-care – this issue is for you. Congratulations on surviving this crazy year… Now it’s time to clean the braai and fill up the cooler box!

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Love & Light