More and  more people leave Facebook and hop over to TwitterVille

As fickle as the cyber world is, Twitter shows no signs of losing popularity across the world and is bound to get even more popular as more and more people leave Facebook and hop over to TwitterVille.

According to research done by Strategic Communications company Portland, this is how we as a continent tweet:-

The Most Active Cities In Africa

Twitter has become a major social media platform that has not only brought the world closer but gone so far as to create its own language; case in point #hashtag #selfie etc.

Johannesburg is the most active city in Africa when it comes to tweeting with a total of 344,215 geo-located tweets in the fourth quarter of 2013. Ekhuruleni was second with a total of 264,172 Cairo was third with 227,509 tweets Durban fourth at 163,019 and Alexandria (in Egypt, not Jhb) fifth with 159, 534 Nairobi was sixth on the list with 123,078 tweets in the fourth quarter. Accra was the most active in West Africa and seventh with a total of 78,575 tweets.

Most Common Languages

English, Arabic and French are the most common languages in African Twitterville and make up for 75% of the tweets analysed. Following that Zulu, Swahili, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Portuguese and the next most popular languages.


Most Africans seem to tweet mostly on Tuesday and Fridays with tweets rising steadily through the afternoon and evening.

Most Visible Brands

Samsung (#SamsungLove) Adidas (#Adidas) Magnum Icecream (#MagnumAuction)

Most Discussed Topic

Soccer, with Orlando Pirates being the most popular team! Day With Highest Number of Tweets The day Mandela Died.