What KISUA does beautifully, is blend traditional techniques and materials with a contemporary design aesthetic and ethical production methods. YOOXYGEN, which is YOOX’s social and environmental destination, aims at raising awareness for responsible fashion consumers around the globe. The Fusione Collection is a beautiful meeting of the like-mindedness of both brands.

The 14-piece collection is inspired by the hustle and bustle of downtown Johannesburg, where a kaleidoscope of colours, cultures and street life collide. The flattering tailoring, clean shapes and classic Italian silhouettes – which speak to YOOX’s roots – are brought to life with bold prints referencing the pulsing heartbeat of inner-city Africa.

The entire collection was designed and manufactured in Africa. The garments were made in South Africa with cotton and fabrics sourced from Ghana and the Ivory Coast. “We are promoting trade both between African countries and between Africa and the world. In the process, we are helping to create jobs and advance the development of the fashion industry on the African continent,” says KISUA CEO and Founder, Sam Mensah Jr.

The cross-continental collaboration between unique African Fashion brand KISUA and YOOX, an internationally renowned online lifestyle store, brings together the vibrant heritage of both brands in a spectacular capsule collection called KISUA SS17 FUSIONE.

The KISUA SS17 FUSIONE collection is now exclusively available on YOOX and KISUA.

Earlier this year, Woolworths chose eight local designers to create capsule collections for their #StyleBySA campaign. These homegrown talents have showcased innovative and cutting-edge designs and continue to take SA’s fashion industry by storm. From eclectic streetwear to footwear and accessories inspired by Africa, this collaboration between designer and retailer has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response. We spoke to one of the designers, Thebe Magugu about his upcoming collections. 

Thebe Magugu

Thebe’s vision for his next collection gives thought to feminism, especially in a South African context. “We still live in a conservative country, which by extension can be quite misogynistic. Between the causalities behind the #menaretrash hashtag and the spike of slaughtered women across the country, it seems like there is a literal war against women” he says. As a reaction to what currently feels like an overwhelming fear and consequent aversion of the feminine/femme in the socio-political arena, Thebe wants his new collection to celebrate femininity in all its forms.

His latest lookbook was exclusively launched to the world by Italian Vogue. 


Two Chinese women, who couldn’t be from more diverse cultural and social backgrounds, collaborated this year in a fascinating marriage of intricate jewellery and classic fashion.

Angela Yeung, the award-winning South African jewellery designer behind the Impilo Collection and Chines fashion designer Chu Yan, presented their unique collaboration at SA Fashion Week in May.

A contemporary jewellery collection was created by Impilo to compliment Chu Yan’s “A Date with a Thousand Years” clothing collection, which is influenced by traditional Chinese dress of the Tang Dynasty period. The jewellery collection displays precision laser cutting techniques and strong lines to emulate the artificial, divided world Angela Yeung experienced growing up in apartheid South Africa.

This collaboration was facilitated by the Chinese Embassy in South Africa and the Ministry of Culture in China as a cultural exchange project.