Carpeting is an industry that is continually keeping up current styles, colours and textures to be more vibrant, fashion-conscious and available in a wider selection than ever before. The discerning homeowner can find carpets for all areas of the home, with different specifications for active areas, bedrooms, lounges and studies. Today, local carpet manufacturers are producing softer, more stain-resistant, and harder-wearing carpets that retain their good looks for much longer.

No matter what the application – formal, casual, residential or commercial – a well-chosen carpet makes for a more comfortable room. There’s no doubt that carpets offer a personal welcome, inspiring a friendly, tactile ambience. There are carpets that blend with the furnishings and décor, and even form the basis of a room design. 

Historically carpets have been made from natural fibres and this trend has come back into fashion. The value of organic fibres, natural products and sustainability has come to the fore. So although synthetic fibres have become more popular over the past few decades, even these are inspired by natural colours, textures and patterns.

Carpeting is an industry that is continually keeping up current styles, colours and textures to be more vibrant, fashion-conscious and available in a wider selection than ever

Cut pile carpets and shaggies are making a huge statement this year with emphasis on colour. As always, quality is key for the South African market, so rather than slavishly following overseas trends, local manufacturers from Nouwens Carpets highlight some options to appeal to our local consumers.

Pile Construction:

There are two types of pile – loop or cut, and a patterned pile carpet is a combination of the two, or a variation of loops set to different pile heights. In addition, tufted carpet – rather than woven – seem to rule the roost currently, although the longevity of the carpet in its selected use is generally determined by the type and blend of fibres used.

Cut and Uncut Patterned Carpet:

A construction of intermixed loops and cut pile create a patterned design. The loops are shorter than the cut pile, creating a carved appearance – and they are usually constructed in multi-colour designs.   The loop construction helps to hide footprints and traffic patterns, making this style an excellent choice for a variety of different room settings.

Multi-level Loop Carpet:

Offer several different heights of loops, generally multi-coloured to provide a very durable, casual appearance. This style also helps to hide traffic patterns, making them suitable for family rooms and suchlike.

Level Loop Carpets:

Largely multi-coloured with loops at the same height and are regularly made using polypropylene carpet fibres. They find considerable favour in commercial applications where they can provide both a casual appearance and extreme durability.

Berber Carpets:

A huge following in South Africa and, although they are generally used in the more casual areas with more traffic, such as a family room, some cut-pile Berber carpets are more stylish and may be used in more formal areas.

Cut Pile Saxony Carpets:

Generally made in solid colours with a smooth surface appearance. Also, they are usually made with nylon, wool or polyester fibres, providing good performance and appearance. They work well with traditional or formal room settings.

Textured Cut Pile Saxony:

Here the surface appearance is textured, providing a stylish casual appearance. This style will not show vacuum cleaner marks or footprints, making it a very good choice for active areas of the home.