Crossley & Webb are luxury motor specialists, what inspired your business idea?

Crossley & Webb are actually ‘motoring investment specialists’. The idea evolved after analysing the needs of high-end motor enthusiasts over many years. There are many collector car specialists in Europe and we noticed a gap in the South African market for a high-end specialist, as well as to create awareness of the investment motoring trend. Our aim is to make entry into this market easier for potential motoring investment enthusiasts.

What services do you offer?

Crossley & Webb are luxury motor specialists, what inspired your business idea? Crossley & Webb are actually ‘motoring investment specialists’. The idea

At our core we are an independent advisory firm that provides our clients with advice on creating the most financially intelligent mix of motoring assets. We use our four business units to achieve this goal.

Firstly, our sales division buys and sells investment-grade classic cars and modern classics.

Secondly, our Classic Car Clinic is the technical division and services classic and sports cars as well as out-of-warranty supercars. Full restorations of classic cars as well as upgrades give these classics modern braking systems, power steering and air-conditioning.

The Ecurie 25 Supercar club provides its members with the most financially intelligent means of enjoying great events and driving the latest fleet of supercars internationally.

The fourth division is Crossley & Webb luxury vehicle storage. We are constructing glass storage vaults at our motoring lifestyle venue in Solan Street, Gardens. We manage the care and storage of high-end vehicles, ensuring that their batteries are trickle-charged. The vaults are climate-controlled and de-humidified, provide 24-hour security, plus complimentary delivery services and airport shuttles.

Is there enough of a luxury motor following in South Africa to warrant such a service?

South Africa has a mature market for luxury cars and sports cars and our enthusiasts are well-educated in contrast to the luxury car buyers in the Middle East and China. We plan to build on their knowledge and want to give them advice for them to indulge in their passion in the most financially intelligent manner.

You will soon be launching the Ecurie 25 Supercar Club; can you tell us a bit more about that?

Ecurie 25 is an exclusive club that gives its member’s access to amazing events and the latest supercars in the world. Ecurie 25 South Africa is launching in Cape Town initially and we have a fleet of supercars, ranging from the Ferrari 458 Spider and McLaren MP412c to our Maserati GranCabrio Sport and Bentley Continental GT. We plan to include a few of our classic cars from Crossley & Webb. 

What benefits does this club offer the luxury car owner?

Ecurie 25 gives the luxury car owner the flexibility to attend international events and enjoy driving supercars in New York, London, Dubai and Australia through their membership of the Cape Town club. In addition, supercars that are not being used can placed under our management, will be insured and stored by E25 and earn credits and income towards membership fees that can be redeemed internationally.

As specialists, what is the one piece of advice you would offer to someone wanting to purchase a supercar?

Take your time to learn about the car you wish to buy in detail and study the market for second-hand derivatives.

What is your ideal drive and why?

A classic early-70s Porsche 911. It is a motoring icon, can be driven daily and is growing steadily in value.

What do you think are the reasons why, despite the recession, people still purchase luxury vehicles?

People will buy luxury vehicles for as long as they can afford them as a means of self-expression. Due to the poor performance of traditional investments, high net-worth individuals are looking for alternative investments of passion that can satisfy the needs of both the head and the heart. Over the last ten years collector cars grew in value almost 400%, and nearly outperformed investing in gold, at 423%

In your opinion is there merit in buying supercars as investments?

No, supercars in general are not investments. But limited edition supercars and classic cars in more cases now are, and in many cases, at least hold their value.

What would you say is the most underrated supercar at the moment?

Probably the Lexus LFA.