Born in the DRC, and raised in South Africa off the back end of apartheid, Harmony grew up surrounded with the happy influence of a multitude of cultures. He is fluent in French, for instance, while the crèche he went to had many Afrikaans coloured children - and it was there where he started presenting and acting.

As he grew up adapting to South African culture, his Congolese culture and heritage dominated at home, church and family gatherings. Harmony’s mother was a Sunday school teacher and his father was head of the music ministry (he had a band when he was young, went on to release two gospel albums and took part in many others).  

The Congolese Missionary Centre Church (MCC) in Berea and its community gave him a great sense of Congolese culture. Congolese people are known for their flair, a type of clothing "swagger" called sapology (Congolese fashion style) - and Harmony’s unwavering attention to his style is spectacular. “I think I trimmed my hair so much since childhood that it now grows naturally in a trim,” he jokes.

This 28-year-old model and voice-over artist is more than just plain gorgeous with a melodious voice: he's also a double-degree holder in economics and econometrics.

Harmony recalls two childhood gifts that impacted his life choices as an adult - a piano and a Lego train set. With that train set he built his own kingdom. The Lego figurines were his ministers and the little green soldiers were police and military. “Looking back to those days and the fact that my family called me names like 'philosopher, economist, banker, businessman and leader' coupled with the fact that I always had a passion for people, I think that's where my love for economics stemmed from,” Harmony says, and hence his degree, a BCom in economics and econometrics majoring in business management, international business and strategic management. “Economics allowed me to think more broadly," he says. "It gave me a bigger scope into everything. From economic psychology and philosophy to policies and it gave me ideas as to strategies that can shape and change the world.”

Growing up in Berea, an area right next to Hillbrow and Yeoville, he remembers the suffering, often as a result of things that weren't the fault of the residents, such as lack of opportunities, or family, or education.

In responses, he and his church friends founded JustLove, a non-profit organisation that helps charities and those in need. The JustLove Foundation organises outreach programmes where they raise funds to donate, or buy food, clothes and products for underprivileged people, homes, orphanages and communities, "and just 'love' with different activities that we would plan according to the place," he explains, "such as counselling, playing with the children, washing feet, giving talks, creating CVs, to name a few."

Harmony started modelling and acting professionally while at university. His first show was the Africa Fashion International during the 2010 World Cup. From there his modelling career skyrocketed and he had the opportunity to work for established local and international brands such as Timberland, Ralph Lauren, David Tlale and Palse Homme.

As an actor, he has featured in many campaigns, starred in some of SA's favourite soapies like Generations and Skeem Saam, and Belgium's Salamander series.

His silky, smooth voice has been used for MTN, Vodacom, Tracker, Mutzig, Jameson, SAB Miller, the city of Johannesburg and TBN. But he says his ultimate voice-over was for Marvel's Black Panther movie campaign.

Harmony won Top Billing’s Presenter Search on 3 in August 2018 and feels it was like a dream come true.

He also has a creative consultancy company that offers idea generation, strategy and conceptualisation, storyboarding and other creative services. His team won a SAFTA in 2017 for best short film New Era Session, on which he co-wrote the script.

Other career highlights include a start-up company aimed at helping communities called CSIIR and winning best actor in South Africa's 1-minute film festival.

A firm religious believer, Harmony quips: “A quote I live by is what my mama always told me: 'Be the best you can be and leave the rest to God'.”