The brand ethos of mille collines is the representation of you – a woman who belongs to Africa. A woman who lives in a culturally diverse country, travels and has a spirit of adventure. More a story of into Africa than out of Africa, the mille collines journey began in Barcelona, Spain, with fashion designers Ines Cuatrecasas and Marc Oliver. A trip to Rwanda in 2008 and an introduction to Antoinette Mukakalisa, a local dressmaker, fulfilled their desire to embark on something bold and adventurous. A year later, mille collines was born, and before long had grown into a fully fledged fashion atelier.

Today, mille collines is wholly owned and operated by the Kigali team that helped build it. The brand’s original ideals remain unchanged – to blend the creativity, strength and culture of the African spirit with evolving global trends. With its collections comes the celebration of the African woman. The type of woman who juggles work and family, has a passion for her community and uses her power for change. She is multidimensional with her tailored suits and refined silhouettes, 3D beading and elegant evening wear. Alongside that, she is alive with bursts of colour and print, but is grounded in the muted tones of Africa’s unique landscape.

This collection, which was shown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Cape Town, was inspired by Swahili culture which has many influences in its arts and crafts. Mille collines chose to shed a different light on how Swahili culture is viewed in the modern world and focused on the architecture and clothes. Traditional Swahili cloth, mat weaving techniques and inspiration from elaborate hand-carved wall features pull together the clothes, accessories and jewellery in the collection.

The collection shows traditional craftsmanship with unexpected materials – a true reflection of African resourcefulness putting its stamp on global fashion.

Ingrained in the spirit of a true Afropolitan is the desire to take the many facets of African culture and proudly show it to the world. We're also seeing our traditionally diverse and colourful design landscape luring and inspiring those who recognise the unique opportunities it has to offer.

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This international fashion brand was founded in Mozambique in 2018 by fashion designer, Taibo Bacar, and his partner, Tatiana Ismael. Known for its uniqueness and exquisite design, the brand epitomises the essence of African luxury, remaining ever true to its roots and culture.

Growing up as the son of a seamstress, Bacar was always surrounded by fabrics and the sound of sewing machines. After studying Information Technology, he took a leap of faith, relocated to Spain and enrolled for a course in Design and Pattern Cutting at the Instituto Marangoni.

Bacar started his career by mainly creating bespoke dresses for clients in Mozambique, but this quickly escalated into showing his collections in other countries, including South Africa, Angola, Ivory Coast and Nigeria, as well as in Milan, Paris, Lisbon and Dubai.

With many sold-out fashion shows to date, including Mercedes Benz African International Fashion Week earlier this year, Taibo Bacar has established his name in the global fashion industry and is now working to take the brand to the next level.

Bacar wants the brand to hold great appeal for the world, showcasing Africa's cultural diversity through his company's focus, determination and hard work making African/Mozambican designs that display both quality and innovation. The brand’s mission is to make women feel sophisticated, confident and exude attitude with its exclusive designs.

Taibo Bacar offers seasonal runway, bridal, haute couture and ready-to-wear garment collections. The brand also creates exquisite accessories, including shoes, leather goods, handbags and sunglasses.

To introduce this new collection, Taibo Bacar wrote the following words in his diary, “Each chapter of your life has to be told in a way that will be kept in the memory of those who cross your path ... In the course of your history, make sure you leave a positive mark that will be remembered and celebrated. Dress to impress!”

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