Bell’s Whisky, South Africa’s number one selling whisky, has undertaken a bold development - the launch of a new pack. This is another celebratory milestone for the brand which was recognised as the number one spirit brand in South Africa by the 2014 ICON Brand survey. Both milestones come shortly after the success of its latest TV commercial called The Reader, the most viewed liquor advert in the country boasting over 2 million views to date.

“We are very excited about the launch of our new pack; having been around for over 25 years in South Africa, it is only fitting for Bell’s to now reward those men and ma’am that have been loyal to the brand over time with a Bell’s pack they can proudly carry and enjoy with their friends. The new pack is a natural and valuable development that will ensure the continual evolution of this iconic brand. It has been carefully researched and conceptualised recognising the past as well as the current generation of loyal Bell’s Whisky drinkers who value the tradition of Bell’s quality and reliability – an extra special whisky that continues to deliver,” says Lungie Mnyamana, Brand Manager for Bell’s Whisky.

Brand achievements & milestones

In moving with the times, Bell’s has transitioned smoothly into a more contemporary territory which speaks to a wider market who recognise the importance of tradition and strong values but who are pioneering their own aspirations.

Although the Bell’s pack has changed, the whisky inside has stayed the same.

New features on the Bottle

The new design features a range of innovative and distinctive elements to create a more contemporary and premium presentation for the celebrated brand. A sensuous deep maroon colour covers the bottle cap and the well-known bell logo has been added. A new iconic bell-shaped neck has been developed to increase recognisability along with an updated label which includes gold foiling around the Bell’s logo delivering a striking effect. The new look bottle is distinguished by prominent angular facets creating a more masculine posture and ensures that the pack stands out on shelf. All these developments and modifications exhibit the innovative transformation of the brand’s packaging.