If you are travelling to countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic or Austria, you can visit one of the increasingly popular beer spas. The idea here is to sit around for half an hour or so in a beer tub after a stressful day at work to help you relax. It helps make your skin and hair more shiny and beautiful and if you really feel the urge, you can drink the beer, too. The beer must be really cold - which could be a bit of a logistical nighmare.

    No doubt, there is a price to pay for being beautiful, but the rich and famous take this to a whole new level with some fascinating and absurd beauty regimes.


    For most of us, a good-smelling shampoo or conditioner and the promise of soft hair is something that we enjoy. Now, you don’t really get more organic than this - BULL SEMEN HAIR TREATMENT. In case this sounds disgusting, your hair will not be slathered with semen straight from the source. It is mixed with other ingredients to make the treatment more fragrant and perhaps less offensive. It is said to make hair moisturized, shiny, and noticeably healthy.


    Promising to be wonderful for healing dry skin, acne, stretch marks, and just about any other skin problem you can think of, SNAIL SLIME SERUMS AND CREAMS have been used for centuries. In modern times, snail slime is apparently an ingredient for some high-end cosmetics. These are often exceptionally expensive, so if you are not happy to pay exorbitant prices, you might experiment with the snails right in your garden. South American women have been doing it for generations.


    On live television, Jennifer Lopez proclaimed herself a fan of anti-aging placenta face masks. Madonna also credits her timeless looks to this. Placenta facials use freeze-dried, sterilized powder made from placentas taken after live human births or from other mammals, such as pigs, sheep, or goats. The process of making the creams is not as gory as it sounds, but admittedly putting PLACENTA CREAM on your face has a distinct element of gross and a bit creepy. Even though these creams apparently smell heavenly and are beautifully packaged, you cannot help thinking that what you’re doing is a little bit out of the ordinary. A Placenta cream facial will also set you back more than R9000.


    The word Botox is as common in our daily vocabulary as bread and milk these days. But according to some experts, there is another product that is said to be more effective than Botox. Endorsed by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Kylie Minogue, this product is a cream made of SNAKE VENOM. A cream made of snake venom (mixed with other ‘good for your skin’ ingredients) can help fight wrinkles and make you look younger than your years. A bit extreme and very expensive, a bit of snake’s sting will cost around R3560


    Gaining much popularity in the skin-care treatment arena is the Bee Venom Facial — with rumoured fans including Kate Middleton, Dannii Minogue and Michelle Pfeiffer.  The venom is said to tighten your skin by plumping up collagen, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is an exceptionally expensive treatment and could cost you up to R1250 for a tiny  pot. Be sure to check that you are not allergic to bees before trying it!  


    The NIGHTINGALE DROPPING FACIAL is a favourite of Victoria Beckhams and is believed to improve the complexion and translucency of the skin. All you have to do is take a dollop of nightingale faeces and spread it over your face like a mask. Even though the droppings are sterilized and deodorised through a UV light process, its not a huge surprise that this is not a commonly used skin solution. Naturally this is mostly offered in high-end spas around the world and can cost approximately R1400.


    Another ‘beauty’ procedure that is definitely not for the faint hearted is LEECH TREATMENT. Demi Moore previously made headlines by confessing her penchant for this somewhat sado-masochistic practice. The leeches are placed onto the body and you experience some minor pain and bleeding while the leeches release an enzyme called hirudin into your blood, which helps to detoxify it. Leeches are also said to be a viable tool in healing skin grafts and reattachment surgery. Demi Moore received her treatment in Austria, but the leech treatment is also available in many other countries.


    The GOLDFISH PEDICURE is something that is new to us, but is an essential part of Japanese culture. Did you know that fish enjoy feasting on dead, flaky human skin? These are actually special fish called gara rufa, who after a few minutes of nibbling will leave your feet soft as a baby’s bottom.


    Actress/model Jerry Hall is rumored to be among the fans of this unusual anti-aging treatment. A treatment that involves ceramic crystals being injected into your face to make you look younger. Unlike Botox, which wears off after a certain amount of time, these crystals are said to be permanent. Unfortunately, there is always the risk that your body will reject the crystals as a foreign object and the procedure will be counter-productive. The cost varies between R4625 to R13 875 for a session.

    WARNING: If any of these beauty routines appeal to you and you are tempted by the bizarre preferences of your favourite star - consult a physician first!