Esse's core principles are certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free. The company supports fair trade and is carbon-neutral. Esse subscribes to the Ecocert Organic Standard, which enforces minimum organic percentages and bans ingredients deemed to be unsafe or unsustainable. The Standard also audits the production facility and ensure full traceability of all raw materials. Esse's packaging is regulated to make sure that the materials are safe for the consumer, don’t leach into the product over time, and are recyclable.

Esse is committed to the fair trade of natural products and is an accredited partner of PhytoTrade Africa, which is dedicated to the development of fair trade and environmentally sustainable natural products. PhytoTrade oversees the sustainable harvesting of plants from the wild by rural communities in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Malawi, Botswana, Swaziland and South Africa.

Thankfully, it is becoming easier to look flawless and be a part of saving the world at the same time. There is a massive worldwide drive to significantly reduce pollution and waste and we are seeing more and more beauty brands lifting the lid on natural, organic, and eco-friendly products. Here are some sustainable and environmentally friendly mak

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Couleur Caramel

Couleur Caramel is a trusted brand of mineral make-up that uses natural and certified organic ingredients. The beautiful range of products for face, lips and eyes is available in a myriad of colours.

Couleur Caramel products are "Leaping Bunny" approved and not tested on animals. The company is fair trade certified, and the organic ingredients used in Couleur Caramel make-up are certified by Ecocert.

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Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka is a long-established, internationally renowned brand of natural and organic cosmetic products. Pioneer Dr. Rudolf Hauschka first began creating preservative-free medicinal preparations in the 1930s, and later worked with a cosmetologist to formulate a range of complementary skin care products.

Its products are free of harsh synthetic ingredients and are not tested on animals. Ingredients are certified organic and wild harvested wherever possible to ensure the highest standards of purity and consistent quality.

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The Body Shop

After many years, The Body Shop still remains true to its pillars of enriching its people, enriching its products and protecting the environment. The Body Shop sources some of the finest raw ingredients and hand-crafted accessories from all over the world. The company harnesses the skills of small-scale farmers, traditional artisans and rural cooperatives who are experts in their fields. As a pioneer in fair trade in beauty, it has 26 community trade suppliers in 21 countries around the world today.

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