The American thriller,directed by Ben Affleck, is loosely based on the Iranian hostage crisis of 1980, where a joint secret CIA-Canadian operative leads the rescue of six US diplomats.

    The risky plan, devised by imaginative CIA expert Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck), is to create a bogus film project which is to be shot in Iran and then smuggle the Americans out as production crew. Government officials are doubtful that this plan will work, but Mendez pushes forward with the help of some trusted Hollywood contacts and travels to Iran as the ‘Associate Producer’ to get the rescue plan underway. Will they pull it off as time starts running out and Iranian security forces begin to close in on the truth?

    This true story is made completely believable by really good actors and a fine director. It’s boldly entertaining with nail biting suspense and comedic interludes which are expertly balanced to give the film its edge.