We all know there is no miracle product you can apply to your scalp to make your hair grow. How fast your hair grows is determined largely by genetics. These oils, however, have been proven to keep your hair moisturised and your scalp healthy, and as a bonus, they're not genetically modified and don't contain parabens and other harmful chemicals either.

Coconut oil

The powerhouse du jour of oils, coconut oil is 100% natural, which means it is free of drying alcohol, silicone and other chemicals that usually do more harm than good, and it is far better than highly formulated treatments. Unlike hair oils that just coat the strands and sit on the hair, coconut penetrates the hair shaft past the cuticle to truly repair and restore damage from the source. In its pure form, it adds shine to your hair, moisturises it, prevents dandruff and promotes growth.

Longer, healthier hair is a goal for most of us, and African women are investing heaps of time and money on our natural hair to achieve that goal. We've found these tried-and-tested natural oils that are everything right now.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba) oil is actually a kind of wax derived from the bean seed of the jojoba plant. This oil has huge benefits for natural African hair. When the scalp produces too much sebum (natural oil), the excess can harden and turn into wax, which can clog the follicles and hinder hair growth. To avoid this, just apply small amounts of jojoba oil onto your scalp to loosen and remove the hardened oil/wax. This will help to keep the scalp clean and healthy and at the same time fight scalp infection.

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is renowned for its benefits in hair care. Avocado oil can be used in hair conditioners, DIY hair masks and styling products due to its nourishing effect on your hair and scalp. Avocado oil smoothens, softens, hydrates, and supplies the nutrients needed to make your hair healthier. To maximise its effects, massage it onto your scalp and hair.

Argan oil

Argan oil is one of the best natural oils for hair. It helps fight frizz and leaves a great shine on your hair. It also promotes better health for damaged scalps. If you use 100% argan or Moroccan argan oil, you can incorporate a small amount of it into your shampoo and conditioner. Your hair will become softer with these combinations. Look for organic, natural, unrefined, cold-pressed, and pure argan oil. 

Olive oil

There are so many ways to use this plain old kitchen oil in natural hair treatment! Use it as a pre-shampoo hot-oil treatment to coat, condition and soften dry, tangled curls or add it to conditioners and deep treatments  Dab a few drops on your 'fro for an instant glistening sheen. There’s hardly a wrong way to use olive oil. It easily penetrates the hair shaft, which means your strands can really benefit from its vitamin E and antioxidants. Extra virgin olive oil is your best bet for hair care. 

All these oils in their 100% pure forms are available at Dis-Chem stores and health stores.