As an African fashion designer, Sheria Ngowi (who was born Walter Thomas Ngowi) has learnt that resilience and unshakeable faith are the keys to being the best he can be. He believes that what he is fighting for and building today will enable him to leave a legacy of hope, endurance and courage for other young Africans.

Raised by a lawyer father and bank accountant mother in Tanzania, Sheria had the intention of following in his father’s footsteps. In fact, he did study law but ended up following his father’s love of fashion and style instead. His career in fashion design began in 2008 when he debuted his designs for both men and women under the brand name Sheria Na Mavazi (which stands for dressing principles or regulations) in India. In 2009, he launched his own professional label, dedicated to his late father, under his own name: Sheria Ngowi. The accolades and achievements he's received since then are countless. 

Sheria Ngowi’s latest collection, Legacy, is luxurious and designed for sophisticated men who appreciate the looks and shapes from bygone eras. The suits are classic and masterfully put together, showing daring, youthful silhouettes. The use of slim-fit check shirts, slim ties and bowties are details that make the collection simple and unique. This collection shows how blending modern trends with classic vintage looks creates a unique timeless style. Sheria's designs are made from linen, velvet, cotton, silk and satin, which he sources from Italy, the UK, Japan, India and Thailand. 

"Being fashionable is one thing, being stylish is another, but being oneself is the most important." Tanzanian-born Sheria Ngowi talks about his collection at AFI Fashion Week Cape Town 2018.

“The most important thing a man carries is the right kind of attitude,” he says. “My biggest wish is to have my name in an international fashion platform, so that my grandkids and their friends could see that it is okay to follow a belief and for my country to be proud of me as a Tanzanian."

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