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Guilty Until Proven Rich

Oscar Pistorius in courtroom

Money talks, in fact, it curses out "I am f*cking free!" With months in the courtroom behind him, Oscar has astoundingly evaded the charge of murder and by all accounts the solemn wheels of justice.

 The saying goes "the poor man begs outside of the temple while the rich man begs inside the temple". In this case, Oscar the rich man has been given the keys to the temple as long as Barry Roux receives his check in the mail...

 During this period, with money and influence acting as the Hydra-headed puppet masters, fact and fiction have become indistinguishable, and reality resembles a tragedy that only Shakespeare could do justice to... But I digress; let me not mention the ever-elusive word "justice" when discussing the notorious events surrounding the 14th of February 2013.

 Like something straight of out the fictional city of Gotham, "the broken man" of Oscar emerges. A Jekyll and Hyde character, the man shamelessly flirting with a woman only months after shooting dead his girlfriend, and the man weeping, vomiting and meekly adding "m'lady" to every breath is one and the same.

 Truth be told, Oscar Pistorius is the best kind of villain: a fallen hero. We love to hate him for countless reasons but importantly, because he is also the personification of the malaise of South Africa and much of the world. What is this malaise that binds us to the rest of the world in an unhappy matrimony? That's right, the corrupting power of money and the bottomless pit of greed. Simple supply and demand: an insidious pair, money and greed are the binary dynamic of capitalist society.

 Oscar always knew this, that's why we hate him more. He played the game, paid the right people and the status quo remains intact: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Keeping in mind, everything has a price, the very word "freedom" is an illusion, and freedom isn't free. While the average Joe up for murder is unlikely to be given the courtesy of a lengthy, in-depth trial, Oscar and his R100, 000 a day legal team have used months of courtroom sleight-of-hand to create an elaborate smokescreen for what remains a very simple fact: Reeva is dead and no amount of money can change that.

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