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Gautrain - a part of Gauteng’s culture and heritage!

Gautrain is deeply rooted in Gauteng’s heritage and culture

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Gauteng is known for its diversity, filled with men and women from South Africa and abroad - all with the same objective of searching for economic prosperity and opportunity.  Gauteng represents hope for everyone. This phenomenon is described by Don Mattera in one of his famous writings, when he says “When the first sun rose it found us awake and waiting. Long before others came to these hills, our footsteps shaped the landscape. Tamed the buffalo and the gemsbok. We rode the wind, we silenced the hurricane, yes look at us we have been here before.”

Gautrain, like any other public transport system has brought these people from all walks of life together – faster than ever. This also refers to the men and women who have worked on Gautrain since inception, being courageous, making a mark, paving the way for those who followed them.  Gautrain is not about a train. It’s about connecting people, places and thus bringing them closer to their dreams.

Gautrain’s heritage is that of perseverance, courage, hope, determination and hardwork.  Just like a person whose has the courage to leave their homeland and come to Gauteng with the hope of building something great for themselves. Determined to turn their dreams into reality. Thanks to those who came before, Gautrain is South Africa’s pride!

Gautrain has always respected heritage – since its inception and construction. Preservation of Gauteng’s heritage, similar to that of the environment, has been part of Gautrain’s objectives. When land had to be identified for Gautrain’s route, special care was taken to honour heritage.

Experts were consulted and careful research was done to ensure that places of historical significance would be protected for future generations. Before any construction took place, all impacted areas were scrutinised for heritage structures or resources older than 60 years. A list was drawn up and a full cultural-historical analysis accompanied with photographs was provided for each item.

Gautrain connects people to significant places of heritage along its route, such the Constitution Hill, Johannesburg Art Gallery, Freedom Park, Voortrekker Monument, Union Buildings and many theatres and museums.

The Gautrain brand represents what a nation can achieve with the right leadership and attitude. When asked about Gautrain’s brand, one of the Gautrain passengers said “The Gautrain is an excellent service, an excellent project of national significance. South Africa is now embedded in transport excellence, thanks to transport projects such as the Gautrain.

Our transport heritage is now partnered with gold, Gautrain is becoming our golden heritage.  Let us celebrate!

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