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by Justine Olivier

Architectural Symphony!

Individualism is much more exciting than conforming to the traditional


In projects like these the most work lies in the hands of the architect.

“The design brief was explicit with fun contrasting elements,” says architect Joehan Erasmus. “They loved stone and wood and natural materials but also steel, symmetry and discipline.” Working efficiently and effectively, the architect brought the owners’ vision to life, adding in extra design elements to create a truly authentic and individualistic abode.

“The homes that they constructed up to then were predominantly angled roofs. I presented a roof design that consisted of a series of floating curved roofs, which the residents immediately fell in love with.”

The roofs were designed with curved laminated beams and wooden ceiling strips over the top across the curves. The architect ensured that the ingenuity of this design created a beautiful, continuous flow of the roof-line from the inside out while ensuring that the woodwork was washed with a silver preservative coating. The stone cladding used to accentuate the architecture was a delicate riven stone with silver undertones.

What makes the appearance of the design so captivating is the way the architect ingeniously chose to lay the steel roof in an unusual horizontal manner instead of having it cranked. This gave it a soft louvred effect.

Choosing not to use the services of an interior designer, the owners tried to fuse together their different tastes – a slightly quirky, bold taste with a more tranquil and earthy influence. This is perfectly portrayed in the neutral warm grey interior spaces that have been enhanced by splashes of colour evident in the soft furnishings and feature walls around the house.

The exterior and interior spaces both reflect the residents’ unique personalities, from the cladding to the art pieces collected through the owners’ travels. The house was not only designed to make the most of the stand on which it was built, incorporating the surroundings, but also to take in the needs and desires of the owners. Ideal for entertaining, the interior is extended outwards through the use of fold-away-stack doors, allowing a seamless flow. The patio, bar and kitchen area further enhance this lifestyle, and the open-plan design of the interior ensures that the tranquil ambience flows unhindered from the inside to the outside.

“The design of this home is proof that individualism is much more exciting than conforming to the traditional,” says Joehan. Q


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Property Co-ordinator Chantel Spence, Photography Nic Baleta

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