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by Brendah Nyakudya

A Vintage Affair

How to introduce something a bit different in your home

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Is vintage your vibe? While this style may not be for everyone, it has enjoyed a vibrant revival recently, with faded fabrics, shabby chic and time-worn pieces popping up everywhere. Here are three ways to introduce vintage into your home.

Unexpected romantic touches

A reclaimed basin, a small table, quaint bric-a-brac and a draped voile curtain add a sense of nostalgia and interesting focal points to an open-plan kitchen.

Tip: Hang your curtain from a dowel stick and bunch it on the window-sill for a bit of dreaminess.

Salvaged chair

Give a wonky chair a second chance by hanging it on hooks on the wall – this way it can still be of use as a shelf.

Not just any old table

Give an old table an instant but temporary facelift by draping a piece of voile over it. Gather the fabric underneath the table top following the shape of the table and use both modern and vintage chairs.

Pastel tones

To keep a vintage-inspired interior from looking too cluttered, keep your colour scheme in one colour family.

A new jacket

Give an old piece of furniture a new lease on life by painting or decoupaging a pattern onto the front of the doors.

Tip: For added effect, find items decorated with a similar pattern and arrange them on or near the cupboard.

Keep it neat

Display your collected pieces of haberdashery in a printer’s tray. This one has cleverly been converted into a small wall-mountable cupboard.

On display

Put your collections, like your precious perfume bottles, on display.

Past and present

A vintage radiogram (a combination radio and record player) is instantly updated when given a fresh coat of white paint and placed in front of a dark wall. Keep all the accessories in one colour so that the radiogram forms the focus point of your room.

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Modern library

Arrange a selection of old books on a floating shelf for a modern take on a classic library look.

Lock and key

Use an old locker instead of a coat stand in your entrance hall or bedroom. This way you can keep everything tucked away and out of sight.

Shabby chic

Fine floral patterns and quirky collectables add a personal touch to an otherwise bare bedroom. Hang retro market finds on the wall for interest.


Shot on location at the old barn that Wilna Rabe converted into her home. Wilna is the owner of

Simondium Country Lodge and the brain behind Vintage Ideas, from 26 to 28 April at

Simondium, Western Cape.

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